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Bathroom – is not only the abode of purity, but also in some measure space our holiday.Few men left who can do without swimming in the bathroom. The term of service of the bathroom for at least fifteen years, so the question of what to choose, important, the approach should be thorough. And you just can not decide what to choose a bathtub – cast iron, acrylic or save and buy steel. But the question is not only in durability, and including hygiene, is how comfortable you feel in the bath. So helpful will know in advance about the major advantages and disadvantages of different possible types of baths. Otherwise, after purchase the bath, you can trap rather unpleasant surprises.

Steel Bath: Lacks.

At high load thin steel bath can be deformed, which leads to chipping and cracking of enamel. However, embodiments of the expensive price range have thicker walls, the deformation of which, even with a great desire can not be successful. Good steel bath should have a minimum wall thickness of 3 mm. Steel baths bad keeping you warm, so the water in these baths cools very quickly. Another drawback of such baths – it is their noisiness. Steel baths are cheap and easy. But this ease and precarious: some are suspiciously undignified, and even water poured into them with the sound of that all the neighbors will know when you take a bath. The steel cools very quickly and therefore not suitable for lovers lie down for an hour in the foaming waters. Weight reliable steel bath is from 30 to 50 kg, the weight of the bath is below 30 kg have thin walls, and as mentioned above, may deform in service.

Steel bathtub: Benefits.

Enamel-quality steel bath is applied at very high temperatures and, as a consequence, does not exfoliate. The installation and transportation are more simple in comparison with cast iron, because they are lighter. Average steel bath has a weight of 4-5 times lower in comparison with cast iron bathtub. For a typical steel ductility coefficient greater than that of iron. That’s why the range of steel bath is much wider and full of lots of comfortable and ergonomic models.

Acrylic Bath: Lacks.

When pouring hot water after washing colored things acrylic bath can be painted forever. Therefore, it is not recommended to carry out such operations in acrylic baths. yellow acrylic baths of tap water also over time, so when choosing a bath should stop your eyes on the colored versions. The surface of the wall after some time to scratch, scratches are formed much more intense compared to cast-iron and steel counterparts. Acrylic bathtubs sold high quality is always more expensive than similar in size, shape and functionality of the bath made of other materials.

Acrylic bath: Benefits

Acrylic bathtubs are very well hold heat, because the water temperature remains constant for a long time. When you set the water in acrylic bathtub will not hear the annoying noise. The surface of acrylic baths is smooth, but not slippery. Acrylic material allows to realize absolutely any idea bath design, so the range of acrylic baths filled with a variety of models of non-standard forms. Minor damage amenable to further restoration.

Cast iron bathtub: Disadvantages.

Cast iron has a much greater weight than with baths made from other materials, and as a result, it gives considerable inconveniences during assembly and shipping.Plating baths – enamel is vulnerable to shocks. Casting of iron – a very difficult process, so the cast-iron bath can not hit a variety of forms, but because all alike.

Cast iron bathtub: Benefits.

Cast iron bath enough “quiet”, as they are not subjected to vibration and impact of the resonance phenomenon will be omitted. The sound of running water in the bath is muted. For the cast iron is characterized by low thermal conductivity, so the water, typed in a bath will cool down for a long time. Cast iron baths have been on the surface, so it is very easy to clean. Enamel coating cast iron baths features a large gloss compared to acrylic. Pricing Policy cast iron baths is very democratic, and a bathroom can afford each. The main fact speaking in favor of buying a cast iron bath – Durability and strength. Cast iron is resistant to corrosion, retains heat well. Preservation heat is also important. The heat capacity is quite high: it is heated for a long time, but also the water temperature is kept for a long time (cooling to room temperature is a half hours on the average).

If you love to relax at bedtime half an hour in warm water, then the cast iron bath for you!

We recommend to pay attention to iron bath “Novial” , which recently went on sale in Kaliningrad (TD “Builder”).

The collection of modern production, high-quality materials, the successful international management and gained enormous experience provides a cast-iron bath Novial with the following benefits:

– Deep white

– The absence of pores on the surface

– Titanium vitreous enamel

– Perfectly smooth surface of the bath

– Effectively retains heat

– Stylish design

– Environmentally friendly product

– 25 years warranty on all products without exception!

Cast iron baths of this brand have a wide range of models, sizes tailored for the most popular sizes of bathrooms, some of them are the model for the small bathrooms and really large rooms. A wide choice of models allows you to select a cast-iron bath with dimensions of 100h70sm and up to 180h85 see among the assortment there are interesting interior solutions for integration into the podium, you should pay attention to the freestanding designer bath on lion’s legs from the collection Novial Lux -. Such a bath can be the crowning of the interior of your bathroom the room!

Cast iron baths Spanish manufacturer Novial have solutions that can be really handy when used in households with small children and the elderly – are models of baths with chrome handles, such as the Novial Hawaii, Novial Maribo and Novial Melissa. Some of the models have a bed with anatomic shapes in the design of such models there are armrests and headrests, which increases the ease of use and comfort that we get while taking a bath. Full range of cast iron bathtubs are available on the official website of the manufacturer .

Bathroom, bathroom – a room in an apartment or a building intended for swimming or taking a shower. Usually bathrooms are equipped with bath and / or shower and a sink and other plumbing fixtures. Bathrooms are now often equipped with toilets (which in Russia is called joinable bathroom ), as well as a bidet .
hygiene practice has its roots in the ancient civilization of India, with a 3000-ies BC, and then there was a bathroom as a place to improve the appearance and meet the physiological needs of man.
In the past, a bathroom, as a rule, is a public place and also hygienic functions and had more social. In it people meet, communicate, exchange information and trading.
Device bathroom
Device bathroom should take into account the use of hot and cold water in large quantities. Water, except bathing or showering, can also be used for flushing of solid and liquid human waste into a sewage system or septic tank , if the bathroom is combined with the toilet . Water in use can fall on the walls and floor of the room, and humid hot air may lead to water condensation on cold surfaces. Therefore, construction finishing a bathroom is a complex task. The ceiling , walls and floors should be covered with waterproof material and easy to clean. Because of this, as finishing materials are often used ceramic tile , glass , and plastic panels for their ease of cleaning. Thus, the design of the bathroom can be quite complicated and expensive. Sex is often trim tiles, but its surface is slippery and cold to the touch. To eliminate the inconvenience of data, use water-resistant mats, specially made ​​for bathrooms. In the houses of the more affluent families can meet floors with underfloor heating.
Electrical equipment installed in a bathroom, is a great source of danger than if they were installed elsewhere. This is due to high humidity in the room and the possibility of water splashing on the appliances, which, in turn, can cause a short circuit, electric shock or fire . In some countries, such as Great Britain , for the connection of electrical appliances only special connectors are used in the bathroom.
Since in addition to bathing in the bathroom frequently occurring procedures such as washing, shaving and brushing teeth , bathroom should be bright and evenly illuminated. The mirrors in the room should have at least two light source to eliminate any shadow of a man’s