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Sinks for bathroom photo collection of interesting samples

Date: October 5th, 2016

 If you have a good sink in the bathroom, consider that 80% of the interior is ready – because This is the first in that view rests. If washing even to the same and unusual – the other flaws of your guests can simply ignore.
Below is a large collection of photos, which can throw you a good idea.


Part of the clean series Laguna, a washbasin that explores the beauty and sophistication of a tree in a collection of designs that are simple and elegant. This exclusive model has a beautiful oval shape with thin edges and a beautiful pattern, which shows the grain of the wood. Making the bathroom look complicated easier than you think. You just need the right features and details such as the beautiful sink, which can serve as vkachestve focal point for the room. Any of those mentioned in this article has a great potential to make a bathroom look sophisticated and glamorous. Browse and select the projects that will work best in your own bathroom.

If the previous design was thin and defined edges and smooth lines, the Pitchdlya washing is very different in the sense that it has a robust design with clean lines and right angles. The pool is very small, emphasizing geometric vid.Material choice in this case is the concrete.

Sophistication and elegance come in many different forms. In some cases, material selection and finish is important. Marble wash basin, for example, will always stand out, even if it is a very common design. So imagine the impact when the construction is as follows. We’re talking about Nami washbasin offered kreoo, which has a beautiful and subtle folds.

From a technical point of view this project from Unik Stone collection is a shell integrated in the counter. The counter wraps around the edges of the round sink, forming a smooth transition between them and such details as they stand in a modern and sophisticated way. The sink and counter are made of one single piece of marble.

Some sinks are born to stand out and steal all the attention. Silenzioyavlyaetsya perfect example. Designed by Antonio Lupi, a wonderful sculpture, for which functionality is available as a bonus. It is inscribed with the wall and has a wave-like shape, and gracious, which also allows it to look very easy.

Light, on the other hand, it is not a term that we would use to describe Lavabi sinks. They separate and go all the way down to the floor, revealing a simple and compact shape with smooth edges and curves. This 66305 model, and it’s more versatile than you might think, looking exquisite in both small and large bathrooms.

With the bustle of Castaway, you can add texture and charm to the bathroom with a design that is cheating and mysterious. The sink and counter are made of concrete WoodForm, from whence every detail carefully by hand. Decoration driftwood is ideal for coastal decor, but modern space with rustic influences.

Black is a glamorous and sophisticated color, which is rare, when it comes to sinks. Thai Negro Basin by Ceramicas Aparici perfectly combines the smooth and glossy top surface with a rough and sculpted lower part, which leads ktomu elegant contrast.

Cape Cod series from Duravit bathroom includes projects that combine elegance with modern audacity. The result is a series of smooth ceramic washbasins with simple and organic shapes, capable of a mixture and stand out in a variety of different decors and settings.

Different types of decors asking different types of services, fixtures and aksessuarov.Minimalistsky bathroom needs a wash basin, such as Styron, with simple lines, has the ability to perfectly complement the décor without creating strong contrasts. This is advantageous in a space that is Zen, relaxing ambiance.

Sinks made from natural materials such as stone, wood or marble, as a rule, are allocated regardless of the environment, but even more so when they have a robust design that accentuate their natural beauty, unique grain and color.

Projects such as this and many other interesting of them offer Spa Ambiente. There’s a wide range of sinks made of stone, granite, marble and other similar materials, and all of them are determined by the beautiful and unique textures and colors.

There’s a lot to love about a shell like this. First of all, we really appreciate formu.V addition to this, we, as a solid earthy tones and gentle at the same konsistentsiyu.Dizayn simple and intense and attractive.

Setting the right mood in the space is easy if you know how to be subtle and clever. For example, check out this heart-shaped washbasin. It looks so cute without being overly cheesy and romantic.

This project is part of a series that focuses on the warmth and charm of handmade items, combining traditional and modern elements and mixing looks with functionality in innovative and unusual ways.Dressage collection has a strong component of artisanal and this gives it a distinctly sophisticated look.

Unusual would be a good term to describe Isabella Collection with. It includes projects that are simple and classic at the same time including an unexpected povorot.Eto vanity is made from solid wood ash base and marble top and is designed to easily fit into small bathrooms, offering a touch of glamor and uniqueness.

A little gold can completely change the decor of the room, especially one as small as a standard bath. It is important to make sure not to overload prostranstvo.Osobennost gold accent, such as gold washbasin inevitably becomes a focal point for space. Use this to your advantage and let the sink or basin, to stand out in contrast to its surroundings. Complement it with a minimalist vanity and simple colors and finishes.

Always packed so much that you feel, the only thing missing was a kitchen sink? Well now you can take that with you too, when you puteshestvuete.Eto my bag, portable washbasin designed Ceramica Olympia. It has a retractable design, and it can be used as a normal case, making a workable shell, when appropriate. It sits on a wooden base, which resembles the trunk, and it can actually be a really great opportunity for tiny apartments.

Modern sinks focused much minimalism and geometric shapes. These two, for example, have a rectangular shape and smooth clean lines. They are designed to look elegant and simple, and they also have a neutral color, which allows them to look beautiful in any setting.

On the other hand, glass sink even more versatile and flexible than that. Designs like this one emphasizes the double vanity, putting the spotlight on the counter and the rest of the bathroom decor and features.

Part of the origin of the collection, the countertop washbasin has been designed Seung-Yong Song for INBANI. It has a simple and elegant design with plenty of casual appeal and is characterized by refined lines and are designed to bring the sophistication in decor, not standing out delicate corners.

Similarly, simple and complex, but is determined by the understated luxury, this depression is interesting here is displayed as part of the minimalist wooden shelf that wraps around it and forms a fluid and cohesive design is ideal for modern bathrooms

Another kind of simplicity and elegance is displayed in the form of two square-shaped sinks, which adds a touch of industrialism to the space without being too eye-catching and striking.


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