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Сloset and Case


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Original shelves.

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How to choose a case

Two main selection criteria should be the quality of the furniture and the price corresponds to quality. About many things can also be judged according to the list of additional services provided by the manufacturer and seller of furniture chosen. In the conditions of lack of funds, you can count on the purchase of furniture, from cheaper materials and, accordingly, low rate of longevity. To determine the real cost of production can only possessing certain expertise.

Decide for yourself what level of performance you need furniture. Maybe it will be fine products made of solid wood with a corresponding price. Often, however, the feasibility of fully wooden furniture missing. In this case manufacturers include the combined options.

The bulk of modern, high-tech, stylish, democratic, at a cost of furniture made of laminated chipboard (chipboard) and MDF. In accordance with national standards, which in this case stricter European all parts of chipboard ends must be pasted over with edge material. They are used as melamine or thin ribbon, or a more expensive and solid PVC-tape. An indicator of the thoroughness in the design of furniture is an exact match of color, pattern, shade the edges with the same characteristics of the body of laminated chipboard furniture. Unless, of course, the difference in color until the contrast is not a conscious course of design ideas.

Corpus furniture is assembled from different parts. Their connection is provided by various kinds of ties. It makes sense to give priority to those that make it easy to collect furniture, if necessary, also easy to disassemble it, for example, in the case of relocation, and again to collect the body without compromising rigidity. This – the eccentric ties, trapezoidal, and the like. The enclosure must be functional and roomy. Look, there is enough space in the drawers, on shelves.

In high cabinets where many shelves placed, pay attention to the fact that at least one of them was the shrink. It is set, as a rule, in the middle and rigidly connects the side walls of the cabinet. The rest of the shelves can be loose and be based on the usual Holder. Where used glass shelves, it is better that they were fixed motionless on the special holders.

The rear wall of the cabinet are made mostly of MDF or HDF (HDF – High Density Fiberboard). In addition to performing the function of decorative back wall – one of the important elements of the body rigidity. Its extent depends on the wall holders used, their number and distribution along the perimeter of correct.

The case – base cabinet design, and most importantly, that he was reliable. About the design of the furniture is judged by its front part. This is – the door panel boxes, stained-glass windows that look at you and determine the style of furniture. This may also include other elements such as decorative moldings, cornices, plinths.

The most simple and affordable solution – the facades of chipboard. Limitations on the scope of design ideas that you can put a simple, offset by the use of plates of different colors, combinations thereof, and other label applications.

Much “richer” look facades made on the basis of the frame profiles. Framing the doors or drawers of panels made of MDF profile. It can be of any cross-section drawing, covered by the same foliyami, which can be applied to any designs, drawings or giving the furniture a patina effect of aging. Plenty of room for imagination is boundless, and for other money you get furniture that looks do not give way to massive.

The most significant contribution to the appearance of the furniture bring insert materials in facades. This is where the inexhaustible ground for fantasy. Such panels are can be executed from all of the same chipboard – a stylish and inexpensive option. It is fashionable to be inserted into the frame the exotic natural mats made of bamboo, rattan, luma. They come to your house feel and mood of the tropical sun of summer, there will always be comfortable. This is a very practical material with many options of colors and shades.

The door can also be a showcase with glass or stained glass. In any case, the assembly of doors and drawer panels must be reliable. This is achieved by good sizing slots to insert.

Doors are mounted on the body with the help of loops. This is a difficult mechanism. The loop must be reliable, provide a thousandfold open-close cycles, a good adjustment. Manufacturers, guaranteeing the high quality of their products, often put his stamp on the company hinge detail.

You do not have to see the boxes, Moving reechkami nailed to their sides of the brackets, the grooves in the housing? Simple, and probably at an appropriate low price is quite acceptable. However, only the metal guides ensure reliable operation of the extension mechanism. They may be cheaper roller, or more expensive – ball full or partial extension.

The final touch to furniture design – it handles. Believe me, nothing gives developers much headache, as the choice of accessories. It is this detail puts the last point in the determination of a single style solutions appearance of furniture. It is often difficult to resist the temptation to use cheap plastic accessories to cover short-lived. Reputable manufacturers have not stinted on the use of their own exclusive designs. Beauty, relevance, hardware reliability – this is what distinguishes the reasonableness of the model.

The state system of certification of furniture in the country works well. Furniture on tests tow, sniffing, load, day and night continuously open, close, and only then give an objective opinion. Therefore, do not hesitate to ask to see a certificate for a specific product that you liked.

For more confidence when buying you will acquaintance with the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. According to state standards, the warranty period for household furniture shall be 24 months, and furniture for public spaces – no more than one and a half years. However, it is provided that the furniture is manufactured in mass production. The warranty period for furniture made-to-order, reduced to 12 months. If the warranty below these figures, there is reason to wary about the quality.