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Many people think of a harmonious and refined interior, forgetting those things without which the comfort is not achieved. These include and wall shelves . Despite its apparent simplicity, they add functionality and practicality. That is why the need to be concerned about their choice.Most often they have in the hallway, living room or bedroom.

Why shelves?

Shelves are the one of the oldest and most proven decor items. With the passage of time they remain on the peak of popularity, altering its shape and material. If you choose the right design, it will become an indispensable interior zest. Models add originality and individuality.

Most often they are used to place the aesthetic:

  1. Flower pots with plants.
  2. Photo.
  3. Figurines.
  4. Thematic accessories.
  5. Dishes.
  6. Books.
  7. Candles.
  8. Collections.

Preferably, the shelf was not cluttered. In this case, it will never spoil the interior, adding a gloss to it.

What are the shelves?

All the shelves are divided into types depending on the placement method, material and purpose. However, the importance of appearance stands in the first place, so he serves as the basis for selection. there are the following options:

  1. Cantilever. It is represented by an open plane without skirting.
  2. Models with side or rear walls.
  3. Closed type. This option is sometimes referred to as the cabinet, as its facade presented to the glass surface.
  4. Multi-storey shelf or rack.
  5. Combined options.
  6. Decorative model. They do not carry the functional load, it acts as a way of space or decor zoning.

Choose material

The material may be wood involved. It adds structural strength and reliability. When properly installed, they will be able to withstand loads up to 10 kg. Glass in the interior looks and extraordinary air. The construction is not different capacity for heavy loads, but acts as a room decor.

MDF, particle board acts as a reliable, durable and affordable materials. They differ impressive colors.

When choosing a style direction must take into account the interior and its design. To achieve harmony and functionality – priority tasks.