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How to choose the right tile

How to choose a tile ? The question that may be many people interested in this article we studied in detail. Since we have been repairing the apartment yourself, and tiles also chose themselves. Here, we can say that about.

It is necessary to combine two objectives: to find the beautiful colors of the tiles, which all members of the family will like and, at the same time, so that will be able to put a minimum of quality loss and nerves.

The first condition is feasible without any special knowledge – just need to be patient and to travel all over half the city. As a prescription for a successful completion of the operation for the purchase of tile can offer voice currently the main selection criteria. Ask yourself an important feature in your opinion, in which you choose the tile, and that will satisfy all interested people. For example, it may be a color or tiles required pattern of colors in the presence or dolphins. Even if you change your plans, it is still significantly narrow down the search terms. The main thing is not to derogate from the newly established family criterion.

Our criteria for selecting tiles

For ourselves, we have identified three main criteria on the basis of which went to choose their tile toilet:

  • the first condition – not to buy tiles of brown or beige shades, and look natural natural patterns and colors;
  • second condition – floor tiles should not be dark;
  • the third condition – the price per square meter should not exceed 1000 rubles

Here such we get a set of requirements. On the first day of searching we found what we need, and all the other days of the search only confirmed the correctness of the subjective feeling of the first decision. Fluctuated only between three collections: wedge leaves, butterflies and ferns. A color combinations, which for so long did not give a final decision had been narrowed to three: gold with white, yellow and pink with green and gray.

As a result, the collection won “Fern” by Keramma Marazzi presented in two versions – a green and golden yellow scales. Of the two colors, we managed to find the third, decided to combine the presented collection. The basis of the collection took the green, and added decorations and borders of the “yellow” collection, the floor decided to do half of the two collections. This decision was unexpected, even for store managers, who offered his services as a designer.

How to choose a flat tile

It’s no secret that the smoother the tile, the easier it is to install and more pleasant to be the end result. One way to choose a flat tile – pay attention to the proven and well-known manufacturers. However, from batch to batch can vary tiles quality. You can try to give preference to more expensive imported products. But it is not necessarily the declared price corresponds to the quality, at least because of the additional transport costs.

If you take as a basis the price is really high-quality tile starts from 500 rubles per square meter, taking into account all the discounts and promotions.Of the range of 500 to 800 rubles per square meter, you will find decent options without problems.

One could call a list of good manufacturers of tile, but it is very subjective. Besides, not every region through these brands, and advice of experienced craftsmen rather stereotyped. Caught unsuccessful party and all – over the tiles do not buy! Or on the contrary, in spite of the increasing percentage of curves and oblique freaks, the master with a frantic obstinacy continues to advise this particular tile, because it is simply used to work with her.

How to choose a tile on quality – practical tips

Arm yourself with a flat ruler or a square and forth.

  • We correct all tile edges must be perpendicular. It seems to be a truism, but not all the tiles are equally useful. Typically, the samples have glue on the stands, where it is possible to estimate the future picture, to evaluate the geometric dimensions of the samples is possible only by holding his own hands. Look at a few bars, but rather the whole box.
  • Good tile has the same thickness. This is a guarantee that at the time of laying tile on the wallyou will be in control is the amount of glue, not at random, adjusting to each tile.
  • Choosing a tile, pay attention to the evenness of each ekzemplyapa. There should not be bent tiles. Did you check the line or the edge of another tile. Generally, this can be seen with the naked eye when looking at a box of tiles. The curvature will cut eye. The icing on the edges of the tiles should also look uniformity and homogeneity on all tiles, equally distributed along the edge. Repeatability is important swim to the edge of the tile glaze. Your eyes will not fail you.
  • The icing on the tile quality should not crack. If this occurs, then any technology disturbed, or – transportation. By the way, the right to transport the tiles on the edge. .otmechu that granite and floor tiles are more resistant to overloads during transport.
  • The coloring of the tiles must be free of defects. If you see even minor minor point, not drenched frosting more than three or four tiles of the purchase should be abandoned. Also, it should alert coarse fuzzy picture that looks like printed on the printer, or if in old newspapers.This means that the equipment is outdated and consistently good results on the geometric dimensions of the product is not expected.

How to choose a tile size

Today the market offers us a huge selection of tile, not only coloring but also in size. What is more convenient to lay the tiles size – small or large? Large tiles, the size of more than 25×40, will perform faster trim. But large tiles still have to cut! The probability that you will be able to successfully cut is not the highest in the first. So, be ready to purchase replacement tiles. Too small – 10×10 cm, 15×15 cm glue is not difficult large, but special attention has to be paid to the evenness of the joints. You will also need a lot of grout, which will require updates in 5 years.

I suggest you opt for the classic medium size. Brilliant simplicity always brought great results.

Flour choice sooner or later come to an end. Even the most unprepossessing tiles can be glued so that it just will shine on the walls of the bathroom or toilet. At the same time, very smooth and beautiful in the world, you can ruin the tile hasty and sloppy action during cladding. It remains only to wish you success in the field of not only the correct choice of tile , but also follow her styling, as a reward you will be work done with their own hands and thanks to the family.