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The old cargo pallets converted into furniture

Date: January 10th, 2012

Not so long ago, even though last year we wrote about furniture from shipping containers . To repeat something similar at home is hardly possible, is another matter cargo pallets, trays, simple, hammered together from boards. Here is the sample of the original furniture made from used wooden pallets – a lot of things from this collection does not cost anything to do with their hands, and, “costs nothing” is very close to the truth, that is used to / from the pallet actually very cheap… It is worth noting that the authors reworked the furniture do not belong to the pallet as a simple set of boards, many things pallet recognizable, and understandably so, otherwise why bother – you can buy new boards. Even in those things that are completely redesigned, age and eventful fate of the boards does not hide, but rather emphasizes sort of noble wood of our industrial age. See also: the house of cargo containers

Furniture from old cargo pallet

Kitchen shelves converted from cargo pallets

Coffee table from old boards from the wooden palletBoards of b / y pallet as the lining of the living roomTable of planks from pallets

Kitchen Shelves made of wooden palletsA set of furniture from the cargo palletThe headboard of the old cargo pallets

A set of chairs made of wooden palletsCoffee table on wheelsAnatomic from old pallets


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  1. Mebel!ca написал:
    February 8th, 2012 at 06:52

    Simple wooden pallet … yes there is something attractive in this simple thing. That even coasters made: you can buy in the online store for $ 31

    Stylized under the cargo pallet

    The original design home accessoriesAccessories for the home

  2. admin написал:
    August 24th, 2016 at 07:36

    Draft of furniture made ​​of wooden pallets 
    in every possible form, were early visitors to the DIY party and stayed there until now. Their use for the reclaimed wood, of course, has its risks (more on this later), but you can not beat the price (which is usually free of charge). Here’s a guide to everything you need to know: search, selection, purification, destroying one to use. Once you know what’s what, you can decide for yourself if they are worth the effort.

    How and where to find trays 
    Tons businesses get supplies that are packed on wooden pallets. If you move, or you know the power of nearby building or liquor stores, look around back to see if you see any around. Then ask someone nicely, if they do not plan to use them (but hey, steal, y’all). There are so many out there in the world, chances are good that some stores or warehouse will be happy to give them away. If for some reason you are having difficulty getting your hands on them, try the free section of Craigslist. I regularly see people who are trying to get rid of them.

    How to choose the best pallet 
    trays come with dubious histories; You will never know what they were used for, and where they were.We talked about some of the dangers inherent in the use of them before, so that you may know that the pallets are often treated with chemicals – the type you do not want anywhere near you or your children, or your home. They also are often a breeding ground for mold, insects and bacteria.

    Wooden pallets: Eco-friendly, natural furniture or toxic dregs 
    If you do not care or feel happy (punk), look on pallets, which are safe to use. Do not just grab the first you see …

    Avoid those that you see in grocery stores, as they are more prone to food diversion. Bacteria (even if you do not see it) and porous wood is done to bad neighborhoods on the bed. 
    Make sure that the wood is in decent shape. You “ll, probably lose a few boards, and tearing it to pieces, so start with what you can not crack, bowed or warped. 
    Look at the nails used. Particularly if they are stranded, they could be even more difficult to remove.Decide if it’s worth the work. 
    Examine its gross residue, oil stains or mold. The same applies to smells. 
    Avoid those that were sitting in the rain for months. 
    Look for marks on a tree. Make Ready itself has a great guide to the markings used on pallets to help you determine their safety, and that use pesticides or formaldehyde. 
    → Before & After: Recycled pallets Pops with new purpose of 
    How to clean and disinfect the trays 
    If you are the owner of the power puck, it’s a good time to use it. Scrub wood with soapy water (and some bleach, if you like). Wash it down well and allow to dry completely. There’s no real way to know if you take care of all the bad things, so it is better not to use wood for projects pallets used near food or kiddos.Some people did not even bring him in, and to reserve this type of wood for garden furniture. Again, it depends on you.

    How to disassemble the pallet 
    First, you have to break the pan and remove all nails, that it is ready to use. Everyone has their favorite method for doing this, so choose which you like best and that fits your needs. Regardless, do not wear gloves for fragments, goggles, and a respirator to protect yourself from everything I mentioned above!

    Option 1: Old School curious with hand tools like a crowbar and a hammer. Do not go to them too wildly or you’ll wind up throwing the baby with the bath water when all the tree splits into you. You have to be solid, but careful and work methodically to weaken the board and nails that will take a long time. If you plan on doing a lot of them, invest in special tools like Deck Wrecker platypus or Buster pallet. 
    Option 2: Here’s the video tag from Youtube, which requires a reciprocating saw to power between each nail a piece of wood. It’s fast and does not require a lot of sweat, but it leaves the rest of the nails in each piece of wood. This can be troublesome, when you go to see in the woods later in the construction of your project. 
    Option 3: Cut a cross, leaving behind a wooden partition (with nails in them) are still attached to each side. You can just make a hand, and then lift the middle support unit. Or cut two smaller pieces of a single cross. Use them for small projects that do not require long timber.

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