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Alterationof furniture with their hands gives a second life to your favorite things

The most homely old or too standard furniture can be quite easily converted into an original piece of furniture. This activity is not only economical, but also exciting, because alteration of furniture with his own hands allowing your imagination to manifest fully. As a result, to obtain unique items.

If at first no confidence in his design talent, the perfect escape to rework its obsolete, old furniture.


Remaking cabinets, chests of drawers and cabinets

Most vintage chests and cabinets are sturdy enough, but their shabby appearance does not look close to the new modern furniture. Such items may be originally made into a variety of styles.

Tech update

  1. Old piece of furniture should be cleaned from the old polish, paint, grease and dirt. It is better to treat the surface of a little fine-grained sandpaper. All items must be loosened to strengthen the self-tapping screws. Holes wipe putty for wood.
  2. Coat paint-product basis. It is better to choose neutral bases color: black, brown, beige or white. Although if you know where the subject will be and what it will be surrounded, it can be painted in any suitable color.
  3. Apply decor. It may be self-adhesive film with the ornament of contrasting or darker.


Update methods of wooden furniture


It can be completely paste over the entire piece of furniture, previously degrease it. It is also possible to make a stencil of the self-adhesive. Then the cabinet is painted background color, such as black or brown.After drying the surface is glued to the self-adhesive cut out holes for the drawing, which stained bright paint: white, beige and other shades.

You can simply self-adhesive suitable color cut desired shapes and stick them on the painted surface. For this purpose and are suitable labels.

To decoupage, a special thin paper with a picture, or even table napkins. This paper is superimposed on the plane wet furniture, and the top is covered with varnish. As a result, at a minimum of creative skills it obtained very similar to painting on furniture.


Surprisingly looks reworking of old furniture with his own hands with the help of different colors. To do this, you can pick up shades of the same color and make the plane for so-called “stretching” from pink to burgundy or salad to dark green.

Can a white acrylic paint on each drawer to add more color pigment. Then turn out the gradation of color: the top box will be the lightest and down the color will be more crowded. In the children’s room furniture can be painted in the colors of the rainbow, or take any bright raznotsvete. If you have artistic talent, it can be safely used for painting on an old dresser. Do not go out of fashion images of birds on a branch, drawn through all the drawers. If in such a gift you are not sure, you can use a stencil and apply to a dresser ornaments.

Also, dressers and cabinets can be painted with paint from spray any metallic gold, bronze or silver.

Alteration of kitchen furniture

kitchens feature is that in this room need a lot of cabinets, which are in the same color and a lot of looks very dull. The aim is to “dilute” it is the monotony.

  1. Some of the doors on the upper cabinets can be replaced by glass. For them, better to put a bright utensils.
  2. The upper and lower cabinets to paint in different colors. For example, black bottom, white top and blue bottom, yellow top.
  3. Unusual furniture looks bright colors, which drastically changed the most ordinary objects. If the room is quite modest neutral decor, furniture can be painted in cherry, violet or ultramarine color.
  4. Decorating cabinets decorative ceramic tiles make them quite unique. It is enough to stick a few tiles on the door, and on the perimeter draw molding.
  5. Exotic Asian influences will give the lockers bamboo. Just on their door attached bamboo fabric.
  6. One of the cabinets with a large dull surface can paste over self-adhesive cork, making it a kind of organizer for notes, recipes and pictures.
  7. The variety and the door will bring some lockers decorated mesh fabric or lining. To do this, remove the central part of the cabinet door and insert the required material.

Alteration of upholstered furniture

The most common alteration of upholstered furniture with his own hands implies its constriction. That couch is primarily used up and lose their original appearance.

Modern fabrics are so diverse that you can choose for every taste. The main thing to stick to the rules – for hauling furniture, a special fabric: flock, kurtizan, velvet, jacquard, tapestry and chenille.

The color of the fabric chosen for the interior, which will be updated furniture. For a child, you can choose a very bright fabric.And in the old living room sofa and chairs, upholstered in shiny jacquard or colorful tapestry, will become the center of the composition.

Rework technology upholstered furniture

  1. A piece of furniture you must first completely disassembled into its component elements. Then it is necessary to liberate the old upholstery in the joints and completely remove it. Then you need to assess the state of foam – whether he needs to be replaced.
  2. Typically, the foam must be replaced. It is better to choose the optimum thickness of the foam rubber mat: for the back and seat thickness is 30 – 40 mm, thickness of the armrests – 20 mm.
  3. After attaching the foam padding on the old cut out from another new tissue. New upholstery is attached with furniture stapler, but not on the edge of the fabric, and special belt.
  4. All items of furniture collected. In the course of the assembly should look carefully to all mechanisms may need and their replacement.
  5. After upholstery need to update the visible wooden parts of furniture to furniture looked organically.

We hope by using these tips, you will have plenty of ideas to revitalize and giving your furniture unique. This furniture will always delight your eyes and bring a sense of excitement from the work done. Moreover, surrounding himself with creative things, you will have more creative energy.