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Guide: Howto choose a comfortable desk chair

Especially for the CPU Executive Director for the Development of the working Interior Martela Elena Aralova I made a list of things that need to be considered when choosing an office chair.

What is the subject of office interior “eats” almost half of the total budget for the furniture for the new office? Work chair. And it’s a good excuse for mass manipulation and shamanism: “Here’s synchro-extra-super-mechanism, so 1099 euros – the most suitable to the price …” Jens Kapelman, head of sales of the Dauphin , one of the largest German manufacturers of chairs, gave us advice on how to deal in a million seats and billions of options, how to recognize a good working chair and most importantly – how to choose the most worthy option for minimum money. the following algorithm (All questions are aligned on the importance, in descending order):

  1. Does the chair synchro? This is where the seat and back synchronously and automatically repeat the motion sitting: forward, backward, sideways. Thus, without losing contact with the back seat of the spine, the person is in active motion, the spine is relaxed, there is too much tension on the muscles. That’s the main thing. Without synchro chair – not the chair and stool with backrest.
  2. Do backrest resistance? Each person has a different weight, so the various efforts that we are making on the back of the chair should be compensated in proportion to its resistance. Otherwise the fragile little girl will sit like soldiers, unable to overcome the back. A large man – always in a relaxed reclining position, which is not very well accepted by the authorities. Well, when you find a balance: the back should be relatively easy to vary – but not enough to “fly.” Adjustment can be manual or automatic.
  3. Seat depth adjustment. It definitely needs to be. According to the rules of ergonomics, from the edge of the seat to the inner bend the knee should be a distance from the width of the palm of your hand. If it is less – you “slide the” chair. If it is more – you’re drowning in it, forcing the leg muscles unnecessarily tense.
  4. Is there a negative angle of inclination of the seat. And, at the same time, the back, less than 90 degrees – is when the rest after the sitting, as it were lowered to the table.Negative seat tilt is necessary in order to get rid of excess pressure on the inside of the thigh, because of which the clamped blood flow in this place and the muscles do not receive adequate nutrition and oxygen. This happens when you have to work a long time in a position tilted to the table (writing pen, peering at the monitor data). Demand negative slope!
  5. And where my arm rests? When you want to save, the first of which disposed of in a chair – this is from the armrests. And this is a mistake. The armrests are put in the same level with the top, so the wrist, forearm and hand on the keyboard (or pen) are always at the same level. Hand (including shoulders) is always relaxed. And that’s fine. No armrests – and all the time your muscles only do they support the arms, causing the shoulders to climb higher and higher, leading to a stoop and increased tension in the shoulder girdle.The important possibility to adjust the arms of their height and width. Any 3D and other mechanisms – from the evil one.
  6. Do you adjust the backrest height? The exact height of the lumbar support. Well, if so.Lumbar support provides the closest contact with the backrest largest spine bending point. Poor when lumbar support rests on the buttocks or on the contrary, almost shoulder. The close contact – even more relaxed posture sitting. But, in fact, an ergonomic backrest height does not matter. This is purely a symbol of status and importance of sitting and nothing more.

All. The “minimum” is executed. Additional options – a question of subjective wishes and the available budget.

And finally, a few comments:

  • The mesh backrest is not inferior to the usual ergonomic backrest, upholstered. The grid is more convenient in the summer – well-breathable, ventilated.
  • Headrest – completely empty the device. No ergonomic role he does not. The head restraint is needed in order to demonstrate the status of the sitting, to emphasize his high position.
  • Plastic seat base is not inferior to a metal. Modern plastic chairs in a special, high-strength. Easy is more than 10 years, is not particularly prone to any serious damage.
  • When choosing a desk chair is good to pay attention to the fabric to which it is upholstered. The main characteristic of fabric – an index of its resistance to abrasion, wear resistance. It is expressed in Martindale. For an office chair, the index should be at least 80,000.
  • It is necessary to clarify the type of wheels. They are for hard floors (with soft felt-nozzles so as not to damage the floor) and, conversely, for soft floors (nozzles with plastic, slid on to better carpet).
  • Normal warranty work chair – 5 years. If you give less – an occasion to reflect.
  • This work chair is not less 400 euros (price in Russia, taking into account customs duties, delivery). If you want to save: choose cheap fabric, plastic base chairs, mechanical, rather than the automatic adjustment, the back lower. On the mechanisms and the armrests can not save. Then wiser to go to IKEA and buy a good, good-looking stool. The same result, besides also very cheap.

Helpful Hints: How to choose a chair for the home

Armchair – an element of comfort of any home. Armchair – perhaps one of the most favorite items of furniture in the house, which is not surprising. Soft, cozy and warm – it helps to come home and plunge into a comfortable home-like atmosphere and a bit of time alone with him. But choose a good seat is not so simple. Furthermore, it must not only be comfortable, but also beautiful. And the abundance of upholstered furniture in the stores leads buyers in confusion: which is better? And here we have to also be guided by personal taste. Vintage chair For example, you do not want to spend on a chair too large sum. Note the version of the vintage.

Old chairs are inexpensive, but they are quite comfortable and can be quite organically fit into the situation. Fans of eco-friendly products will fall wicker chairs for everyone. But they are not so soft, so with them it is better to buy a cushion, combined with the room decor. In Asia, making the famous bamboo chairs. They have become popular in Europe because they can be manufactured in many different styles and directions. The design and appearance of the seats are too striking design fantasy: they are released with different upholstery, reclining, classical or new-fangled sample. cane-chair It is important to choose not only a home, but an office chair. For example, a chair in the head office should look perfect and, as they say, to keep the brand. Head of Office – a measure of style and taste of its owner. Chair – the first thing that strikes the visitor’s office, so the view from the interior of the object to be appropriate. Bamboo chair “The chair in the office – is one thing, but at home – it is still necessary, but a minor detail of the interior”, -. Sees Internet user forum ivanov Edition «» believes that in order to make the home comfort in it still need have at least one seat.