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Wallpaper for walls

A bit of history: the first wallpapers were in the 70’s of last century, but by the mid-90’s interest in them gradually diminished. The whole reason was the low resolution pictures and a meager selection of images. However, after a while they again come into fashion and adequately adorn the walls of many apartments and country houses.

The main advantage of photo wallpapers for walls is that you can choose the texture, size and most importantly any liked the image that will please you for many years.

Today wallpapers are not only decoration of the walls, they are visually expand the space, giving it a unique charm and add color accents. Thanks to modern large-format printing, and other emerging technologies can be made wallpapers with individual plot, ranging from family photos and ending with abstract pictures. Especially popular are the following topics: natural scenery, panorama, plants, sea, city, space, flowers, animals, celebrities, technology. Some successful versions are shown in the photo above.

How to arrange the room design with photo wallpapers?

Typically, photo masterpieces tend to decorate the walls in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room. Another artistic wallpaper are great for decoration of public premises (offices, shopping halls, clubs, restaurants, and others.), Especially the impression of glowing 3d wallpapers.

Designers recommend draw up photo wallpapers room with a small amount of furniture – this will avoid glut of space.
Decorative wallpaper paste made in places of recreation. For example, the snowy mountain tops or sandy beach will be the place, looking at which you can indulge in the most pleasant memories and dreams, resting the body and soul. Also wallpapers pasted on the door, except the bathroom, because it made on paper, they are afraid of high humidity.

Living room

Choosing Mural in the living room , first of all, keep in mind that it is a place where they often gather all the family members are taken away, held festivals and parties, so decorate the living room the original fotorisunkom – a very advantageous solution.

Since the living room – it’s almost always the largest room in the apartment or house, then choose for its large size it is desirable to design models, and it is recommended that the image occupies a larger portion or even the entire area of ​​the wall. It is important to remember that the wall, which will be pasted wallpapers, should be well inspected from all sides.

Most professionals in the selection pattern agree that the wallpapers must first lift the mood and evoke positive emotions and the plot depends on your personal preferences. Excellent will look in the living room cityscapes, such as London night or evening in New York.

By choosing wallpaper for bedrooms should be approached very seriously, because it is in this room, we spend a third of your life, so there is need to try to create a relaxing atmosphere, which contributes to the rapid recovery of strength after a working day. Replacing the usual plain wallpaper colorful picture, you will save on the subsequent decorating the walls and on the purchase of furniture.

A few valuable tips on registration of the bedroom:

Firstly, the selected pattern should not annoy you. Bright flashy pictures – not the best option for the bedroom. Psychologists advise to use in the bedroom photos of individual flowers blooming in a beautiful flower garden or in the fields.
Do not clutter up the wall or furniture high blackout curtains, wallpapers hang on lamps, pictures, paintings.
Try to match the color of the wallpaper with the color of the surrounding walls.
Mural made to glue only on one wall.
If you are looking for something special, try to pick up the volume 3d wallpaper.

Photo Wall Murals can become a major highlight of your kitchen. Bright and original, the most detailed fotorisunok not only cause positive emotions, but also to expand the visual perception of the room. Great ideas for decorating dishes – delicious juicy fruit, splashes of champagne, coffee beans.

Children’s room

Photo wallpaper for the nursery to choose the most difficult. Why is that? The determining factor here is the age of the child. Up to three years, it is advisable not to use a bright picture with a lot of small parts, in this case it is best to fit the wallpaper with the image of large objects in soft colors.

Older children will enjoy drawing with fine details. For instance, for a boy, you can choose wallpapers with favorite cartoon characters or sports themes for girls – bright fairy tales.

At school age, the child will be useful for placement on the wall a huge map of the world or teaching aids. But in any case, do not forget to update your child’s preferences.

Types of photowall

Paper Mural – by virtue of its low cost are the most popular.
Vinyl – they are stronger and denser than paper, and their pattern has high rates of resistance.
Laminated – quality wallpapers of this species have a lifespan of at least 15 years. They do not fade in the sun, easy to clean, and on the strength of superior paper.
Photo Wall Murals on the canvas – the most expensive solution, is used in their manufacture silk, linen and viscose.
In addition, today’s market offers artistic wallpaper with different textures: sand, quiet, frost, tree bark, plaster, straw, shingles, and other geometric pattern.

Non-standard solution – Mural on door

Papered with wallpaper fotorisunkom door – a very interesting and non-standard design method. This way you can mask the doorway under the arch or window. Very often, at the same time as an image using various pictures of nature, sea, islands, city. Luxury idea – stick on the door of a bookcase or fireplace. Special wallpapers for doors have an additional layer, which protects them from stains and dirt.

3d Wall Mural

Today, thanks to the development of 3d technology, the market there was a novelty, which is striking at first sight – the wallpaper for the walls with 3d pattern. In appearance it is ordinary washable wallpapers, but on closer examination, realistic images is striking, creating the effect of presence and unlimited space. The bathroom has original wall will look with bulky sea portholes, which swim shoals of fish or dolphins. Charming puppies and kittens – for the children’s room and in the bedroom will help to relax perfectly beautiful sea and starry sky.

3d wallpaper for the walls is recommended for large rooms, since the 3D effect becomes visible only from a distance.
Another interesting variety – glowing 3d wallpapers for walls – in the daytime they are no different from a simple 3d wallpaper, and in the dark emits a soft and gentle light – it is unusually beautiful! However, in order to fully enjoy the 3d effect, use a special UV lamps, which must be purchased in conjunction with 3d wallpaper.

It would seem that the choice of wallpaper, well, what could be easier? Color estimate, “by eye” to calculate the area and you’re done. That’s what most people think the townsfolk when choosing the material. But all is not so simple. Let’s understand together how to choose the right wallpaper?

What you need to know?

Status walls. Thin, glossy and the other with the right wallpaper pattern in the strip is not the best choice for uneven walls. Such material will only accentuate flaws. In this case, the best solution would be embossed wallpaper. If the flaws of the walls are not too visible – you can use colored speckled wallpaper, drawing visually conceal unevenness.

The shape of the room. For irregularly shaped rooms with niches, recesses, alcoves and a large radiator and eye-catching designs are best avoided. Material with a small figure would be more appropriate.

Durability. If the room has children or is a room with high traffic or there are any other “threat” to the walls – it’s best to use wallpaper that can be cleaned and washed. The most appropriate option would be paper wallpaper based on thick – vinyl. If the walls are constantly falling sunlight, you should choose a non-fading wallpaper with high light fastness. For details of other types of wallpaper, gluing, training and other details.

How to choose a wallpaper color? It’s no secret that the bright colors invigorate and energize, and quiet pastel contrary calm. But it is worth remembering that the bright colors on the walls and a large pattern wallpaper bad combination, quickly bored, and sometimes annoying. If the room windows face south, choose wallpaper cool colors with dark or saturated colors (burgundy, green). If the north – warm colors are an excellent solution (coffee, peach, apricot or orange). Red and yellow wallpaper visually linking walls and blue-gray expand.

For newbies. Finishing self-adhesive wallpaper, easier, faster and more convenient. For beginners is better to work with the same type or in fine pattern wallpaper. Material with a larger motive difficult to adjust. Try to avoid very expensive and too cheap wallpaper. The first is easy to spoil inexperience, causing, for example, the adhesive on the front side. The latter are easily torn and stretched.

How to choose wallpaper given the characteristics of the premises

  1. to increase the height of the room – use wallpaper with a longitudinal pattern;
  2. if you want to make the room visually larger – suitable wallpaper with cross wide strips;
  3. if the room is high – try to choose a material with a large pattern;
  4. if wide – choose a bright color wallpaper with a large pattern;
  5. if you frequently make repairs – the best choice to be single-layer printed wallpaper, they are easy to remove;
  6. monotonous and too contrasting wallpaper is better not to buy;
  7. if you plan to wall decor paintings, photos or carpet – then under them should be smooth wallpaper with a small figure;
  8. paintings edge should always be protected by the packaging;
  9. always buy the wallpaper of the same party;
  10. Always check the quality of the material. Different thickness is unacceptable;
  11. avoid opaque packages are not visible on the drawing.

Pay attention to the manufacturer’s stamp, it must be indicated on it:

  1. data about the manufacturer;
  2. serial number;
  3. part of the picture (the report). It must be the same as the height and at the joints;
  4. quality material (designated washable – 100%);
  5. the direction of the drawing.
  6. as specified in the instructions, if wallpaper require special handling.