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Wall Decals – vinyl wall stickers

Vinyl wall stickers – great to diversify interior of the apartment. They are an excellent stylistic solution in many cases. Variety of colors and forms of self-adhesive stickers on the wall for the best option that will please the eye and the owners of the apartment to surprise guests. The undoubted advantage of the use of vinyl stickers and graffiti is their strength and water resistance, which allows their use both indoors and outdoors. You can use vinyl wall stickers on any smooth surface, and again if you want to change the interior, they can be easily removed and leaves no residue. When choosing the design of labels on the wall in the apartment, it should be noted that they look best on plain surfaces.  With color schemes also need to be careful, you need to pick up the matching colored stickers to wallpaper and interior. However, if very much like a bright 3d vinyl sticker, but in the room it does not fit – try to pick up, in addition to it the accessories that will make the room even more personal and beautiful.

The size of the self-adhesive stickers on the wall, in contrast to the self-adhesive wallpaper is very diverse. Some labels as small as a few centimeters, while others are able to completely pave a wall! The use of this kind of decoration will change the room in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs. Very good vinyl stickers 3d fit into the interior of the children’s rooms, their brightness and variety of patterns will make the dream room for even the most finicky child. The range of labels is very broad, and is not difficult to find a vinyl sticker on the wall. And if you’re short on time – order the vinyl sticker on the wall online.

In addition to bringing in a familiar design diversity of the room, stickers on the wall in the apartment are able to hide from the eyes of different imperfections. Whether it marks a child’s creativity or any other stains and holes in the wall surface. So with the help of vinyl 3d stickers can save not only the walls, but also home appliances or furniture! For example, you bought a new refrigerator, and accidentally scratched him. What do you think. The answer is simple, pick up a sticker that will fit into your home decor, and close by it a scratch. After such an easy transformation of the refrigerator will only look better. As vinyl stickers and graffiti will make an unusual surprise on any occasion, but you need to decide on the theme. By March 8 – Flowers, by 23 February .. for example, a tank! A New Year, Christmas tree in the wall, Snow Maiden and Grandfather Frost. If you could not find a label for you, you can order vinyl wall stickers for your photo or sketch.

At the end of the article to summarize:

  • Vinyl wall stickers allow to diversify the interior and update it;
  • the use of vinyl stickers and graffiti is a Budget and fastest way to update the apartment;
  • if necessary, you can order vinyl stickers on the wall of their photo or sketch.

Finishing materials can last for a long time in the interior of the benefit. But even the most high-quality, expensive and beautiful wallpaper, tiles, panels bored over time. I would like to diversify the design, without the need for expensive repairs. This component of wall stickers fit perfectly as serve as decoration pieces, make a note in your interior, make it possible at the lowest cost to change the perception of space.


Produced wall decals create a vinyl-based.They practically do not limit the possibilities of decorating the room, doing some kind of repair in haste. Apply them easily.

There are two types of vinyl stickers on the walls:

  • Stickers. They are used for pasting of surfaces of various smooth surfaces, plumbing, appliances, mirrors;
  • Stencils. This product with recesses and holes, creating a result image after staining.

To create a large or small vinyl stickers that can decorate your bathroom, use a soft PVC film with an adhesive backing.


Decorative stickers are suitable for different spaces and surfaces. Due to the quality of coupling properties, stickers applied to:

  • Plastic;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • paint;
  • Hardware;
  • Background of different types;
  • Glass;
  • Acrylic, porcelain and earthenware.


The advantages of this option decorating the surface of the label include:

  • Quality labels are not afraid of heat, steam, because great are bathroom inside, glued to acrylic baths;
  • For a long time retain their visual appeal, a rich and vibrant color;
  • The surface can be of different types – glossy, embossed, reflective, matte;
  • The product is safe for health, does not emit harmful substances, even for a man with burning;
  • Available in different sizes – large and small, medium and unusual in shape, color, pattern and structure. This allows you to make a wide variety in the bathroom;
  • Ease of application to the wall surface is comparable to the simplicity of their removal.


The same acrylic bathtub is very beautiful in white, like snow-white modern sink, washing machine. But even the perfect color boring over time, and wants to diversify the acrylic surface.

Vinyl wall stickers are the perfect setting for several reasons.

  1. This is true. You are dealing with a new trend decoration, popular throughout the world.
  2. With their help, you can create a variety of subjects. Actually the presence of young children. Complete acrylic bathtub stickers, and a simple trip to the shower to turn the baby in the adventure, familiarity with marine life, beautiful ships.
  3. Vinyl stickers are presented in the form of figures, flowers, birds, landscapes, cartoon characters. Plus, you can order individual stickers with your photos.
  4. Ideal complement bathroom, large living room, combined with the wallpaper and painted surfaces.
  5. Contribute zest and originality to the interior without the need for a major change in the situation.
  6. Beautiful stickers can be applied universally.

Different wall stickers will cost you some money. There are cheap, expensive, for any pocket. Most importantly, do not need to be an expert to own big stick products in acrylic, painted surfaces, mirrors, wallpaper, ceiling.

How to choose

The use of vinyl stickers on the walls is justified in many ways. But first they must choose. With the current range of difficult to decide on one option. Navigate the time of purchase is necessary to style, appearance and functionality.Products made according to several different techniques, depending on the purpose for which room they are designed and nuances.

  1. The bedrooms and living rooms. Labels are created with the image of elegant and subtle things that create the desired effect of quiet. Their task – not to overload the wall.
  2. Children’s rooms. Cute, fun image, tight to each other. It will not allow the baby to tear them from the surface, and get pleasure from being in such a room.
  3. Bathrooms. Use special products stuck on the smooth walls. Feature in opposition moisture and water. But the glue directly on the internal surface of the sink, the bathroom is not worth it.
  4. Kitchen. Nuance decorative stickers kitchen wall is their particular style. They stimulate the appearance of appetite. Plus products are resistant to temperature changes, easy to wet cleaning.

On this basis, it is important to take into account the appointment of those or other adhesive products before purchasing. Wallpapers private labels, which are designed for living rooms with moderate humidity – not a good idea. For a long time they did not hold out, in spite of the high quality.


The pasted over surface to look more attractive, create the effect of the expansion of space, and not vice versa, should adhere to certain guidelines.

  • Attach the sticker is quite simple. Pre necessarily prepare the surface – degrease it with alcohol, dry. It is not allowed the presence of dust and dirt on the wall;
  • To wall stickers laid correctly, use a pencil, make a preliminary layout, glue the on it;
  • Always apply gradually, not all at once.Carefully remove the substrate at least on the product application surface. But if that small elements, such a rule is not relevant;
  • Under the surface of the bubbles can appear after application. Be sure to straighten them, moving from the inside to the outside – from the top down. If necessary, pry a little backing, release the excess air;
  • Stick product, go over it several times a squeegee. This will provide a better grip;
  • After performing manipulation removes the top protective film. Move from the top down, the motion must be careful;
  • The last stage – rubbing the surface of the sticker and dry with a soft cloth.

care Regulations

Care labels on the surface of the walls is almost not required. He is to perform the simplest actions, which will be followed by your regular room cleaning process:

  • Periodically wipe the surface of the label with the help of wet soft cloths;
  • Inside the bathroom it is desirable to wipe dry to excess moisture to accumulate them;
  • Rags wet with water or detergent;
  • The use of abrasive cleaners is unacceptable, since they scratch the surface;
  • Liquid detergents no damage will not cause the labels.

Modern stickers made on the basis of vinyl, perfectly cope with the task – introduce diversity into the interior without spending a lot of effort and money owners.

They will be useful to you, if the old design already tired, and for the full repairs do not have time or money at the moment. Experiment, try decorating the walls of his house.The current range of stickers for the walls meet the needs of each customer.