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How to choose a bed: 5 key points

Author: Elena Eller

Healthy sleep – one of the most important components of the life of any person. You do not know what the bed is better to choose? Or how to buy the right mattress and not miscalculate with the carcass material? Our article will help you make the right choice

Selection of the bed is probably the most important part of any bedroom arrangement.After all, that is where a person spends a third of his life, and those who like to sleep, and that more. So buying a bed, you make choices, what would be your dream. And whether it will be strong and healthy, it depends only on the accuracy of your solution.

Determine the size and shape

When choosing the length, most importantly – focus on your growth, or the growth of your other half if he is more. Minimum clearance must be at least 10 centimeters, but more is recommended for maximum comfort.

As for the width of the bed, it is enough to lie down on it and, with his hands behind his head, straighten your elbows. If you have enough space in their half, the bed is right for you. If not, you should consider other options.

Regarding the form, you can say that would be the most rational choice in favor of a standard rectangle. But if you try to buy the exquisite originality and want to round, oval, arched or even a heart-shaped bed, then you are bound to face difficulties indispensable. Not only does it take up more space, so more and linen have to sew to order. Do not forget about the selection of blankets and rugs.

Learning framework

There are two basic types of skeletons: with two supporting backs and two side panels, or four side panels and backrests, which are the legs or supports the podium. It is believed that the frames with legs less durable, but if the assembly is made qualitatively, it does not matter which option you choose, it will last you a long time.

Our opinion:

– The most reliable and durable frames made of solid wood and metal.Very elegant look forged copies. Fared well and wicker options. As for the short-lived, but the cheapest options, they are made from MDF and chipboard. Structures made of particleboard are the most unreliable and brittle.

We select the base

Often, the base consists of a frame on which to place the flexible slats. The greater the slats, the stronger is the foundation. In a standard single bed, there should be at least 15. There are also options with springs and metal grilles, but it is believed that they are inferior models with lamella orthopedic properties.

Considering the base, you should pay attention to what is underneath it. You can select the classic version, where there is nothing underneath it, then the mattress is well ventilated, and this is important. But if you want to save space, the lifting base with concealed departments or base with drawers would be a great option.

Choose a mattress

In respect of mattresses now portrayed in a mixed opinion, even among experts. Who stands up for multi-layer versions without springs, and someone more inclined to the combined spring models. Someone like hard, but someone softer. So here it is better to rely on themselves and their feelings.

Just come to the salon and did not hesitate to lie down before you buy at least five minutes in the usual vending mattresses for your sleeping posture. Do you think that from the outside it will look ridiculous? Not at all! It is absurd and will come home by testing a mattress in their home walls, to understand that you do not like. But the return and exchange of this category of goods is not subject to. So be sure to consult again with the size bed that is certainly not to miscalculate.

Our opinion:

– Do not forget about leaving. The first three months is recommended at least once a week to turn the mattress, and then – once per season. This will prolong the life of the mattress and will help him keep the original shape longer.

On a note!

  1. It is often sold in the bed complete with mattress, but it does not always are of good quality. So it is better to pick a mattress separately or choose a bed that comes complete with orthopedic mattress model.
  2. If your bedroom has little space, look to their beds-transformers, it will help save precious area and make optimal use of the entire space.
  3. When buying a bed is important to pay attention to its height. People are older, it is desirable to acquire higher versions. But the young should be fine and low model.
  4. For bedrooms in styles such as minimalism, hi-tech, as well as with oriental motifs appropriate to all to choose a low-bed platform.
  5. Do not skimp on such an important purchase, as many experts agree that the cause of almost all diseases associated with the back is uncomfortable bed.

How to choose furniture for the bedroom

Category: Furniture and decoration in interior Bedroom furniture
Nothing refreshes, invigorates not as healthy sleep. Sleep quality affects performance and mood. Fitted bedroom furniture and it has a key role in the proper organization of a night's rest.

Complaints about poor sleep, chronic fatigue can often be heard from all kinds of people. Sometimes the cause of insomnia are some everyday problems. But very often the very premises environment for sleep prevents relaxation. In many respects the conditions in which you sleep depends on your mood and well-being, so bedroom furniture must be chosen carefully. Psychologists believe that the situation bedrooms, quality bedding, and the atmosphere itself affect a person even when he is asleep. Therefore, if the bedroom will be framed correctly, then sleep will be full, and time to recuperate, you will spend usefully.

The situation changed in the bedroom for a long time. Of course, today is worth to pay tribute to the tradition, but a bedroom becomes a reflection of the personal space of the person, his habits, so to furniture selection should approach carefully. For example, it is necessary to select and furniture for the dining room , because there you spend a lot of time.

Bedroom furniture

The centerpiece of the bedroom occupies the bed. Moreover, it may not be a typical double bed, especially if the room is only for you, and a sofa bed, which became the most popular in the 20th century. It is not only that it can be constantly added, but also in the size of the room. Now rarely in the apartment, you can see a huge bedroom where the double bed will be an organic look. Furniture manufacturers are constantly paying attention to the comfort of the bed. It is important to all: the structure and size, and inclination of the backrest, and shape. All at purchase should pay attention.

First of all, the frame is selected. It can be of several types:

1. The legs are back

2. there is at frame legs and side panels serve as structural elements

Pay attention to the headboard of his bed, because it needs to be style-forming. The whole set of furniture will be built exactly for this element.

Bedroom furniture

Now designers are paying special attention to the headboard. It can be absolutely any shape: high and low, in the form of a roller or a rack, decorated with inlay. There are options when the head even upholster fabrics or silk. Beds are made on the podium at all without a headboard. The main thing is that the head of the bed represented a single entity. Or there is another way to show him in a favorable light: use a beautiful and stylish bedside tables.

Another option – hinged headboard that is attached to the wall. Though it exists independently of the bed, it must be in harmony with it, and not be a completely different style . For decoration you can use several types of materials. Such attachments headboard will love your family, and you will be pleased to be in the bedroom.