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Kitchen table. How to choose the most comfortable?

To simplify the selection of kitchen tables, we have collected the following characteristics: size, design, decorative elements, manufacturer and table form. It is at these 5 characteristics often need to pay attention to the kitchen table and then became one of the nicest places of the apartment or house. Where you can discuss current affairs, to laugh at my father’s joke and have a good lunch.

Size matters

Table size is in harmony with the size of the kitchen. For obvious reasons, it is clear that in a large kitchen a small table is not needed, but in a small kitchen table for 8 people to the remaining area. At the same time, the larger the kitchen, the refined table, you can pick up. Table with additional accessories will look out of place in a small kitchen.But stylish kitchen table can pick up and for a small kitchen, if you search.

Design and décor: Spartan simplicity or sophistication of the nobles?

Of the total style kitchen table design is selected and its decoration. If the kitchen is the easel for you, and while eating you are a real Picasso, safely purchase avant-garde. If the entire kitchen is decorated in a classic style, it makes sense to look at a model of class and design. Do not experiment with hi-tech style.

Dining table on the colors should complement harmonious kitchen unit. However, if the kitchen is maintained in a special style that you feel, you can choose the color of the table, which will greatly stand out from the scheme.

A special place in the market occupied by the kitchen table with tiles. The table top, which is lined with ceramic tiles, looks so well that there is no doubt on account of the practicality of such a table. Such furniture is capable of making its own “flavor” to the design of the kitchen original design. Do not forget about the practicality of a ceramic tile. After the table is often cut, crumble, and even shed a different liquid.

Manufacturer: cheap and nice …

Cheap furniture can be beautiful and comfortable. This statement applies to safely kitchen table, who know how to do in Russia. If you look at countries that have traditionally Italian tables feature classic incarnation and quality. Accordingly, the cost of such tables are high.

Chinese furniture cheaper Italian, as well as furniture from Russia. But it suffers from the quality and implementation. The optimal ratio of cost and quality of the furniture manufacturers from Russia and Belarus. In addition, these tables are durable, which is important for the Russian consumer.

table form: a rectangle or circle?

Depending on the current way of thinking and design your own kitchen, host or hostess tend to choose so many different forms. If the interior of the kitchen as a whole is smoothed, it is worth paying attention to the round or oval dining table . If the kitchen a lot of corners, then fit over rectangular and square versions.

If children are present, it is better to choose the round or rectangular tables. They are safe for children in terms of traumatic.

Among the materials for tables are widely used metal, solid wood, stone and particleboard. Financial opportunities and the interior can affect the material. After all, for the kitchen made of metal and glass will not pick up the table of Italian oak. However, for ordinary kitchen can buy a glass table that will give even the kitchen loaded visual freedom.

To purchase kitchen table should take all of these parameters into account. Choose kitchen table easily in our catalogs, as well as on this website in the relevant section.

How to choose the kitchen table: the main tips

 To favorites

Wherever you look, every detail of the interior is the most important, because each thing has its place and purpose. And together they must create a harmonious ensemble. How to choose the kitchen table, especially considering the fact that modern manufacturers make this choice is large and complex? For each option there is his argument.
Round, oval, square, rectangular, carved, with the edge of the wave, with six faces – production for a long time allows to realize almost any fantasy related, if not with all the furniture as a whole, at least as a dining table for sure.

Pros and cons

Round table. In the Eastern philosophy of the roundtable is a symbol of the sky, the harmony, the inviolability of the family. In general, the impression he produces: Smooth line tabletop combines sitting and provides equal opportunities for all.
Roundtable usually rests on three legs, which is more suitable for the kitchen and looks more ordinary, or one, massive, with a broad base like classic “pineapple”. Tables without corners is considered to be more appetizing – they are not as attached to their desks or office furniture. But also arrange them in space is not easy. Round table requires special treatment – it can not move up close to the wall.
Oval table  – it is elegant. The absence of corners gives the impression of elegance and security at the same time. In a small kitchen, round or oval table tops help you avoid embarrassing confrontations, and these tables are better suited for children.
Besides that oval worktop is associated with high-style architecture and interior design, such as baroque or classic, this piece of furniture will fit perfectly in everyday life. For oval table can comfortably accommodate 8-9 people, and this is a definite plus.

After the round will feel comfortable in the best six.

Square table. Crisp advanced forms like square give the room, whether it’s dining area or the kitchen with the rest of the furniture set, rigor and functionality. However, the square – a good choice only if you have a family only two. On the other hand, a square table top can be safely secured to the wall and do just a pair of legs, which is also convenient from the point of view of the space available.
Rectangular table . Unfading classics, which with the help of a fair range of materials pertinent virtually anytime, anywhere. And against the wall, and in the center of the room, and exposed closer to the window, so that you can enjoy the views, it will accommodate 6-8 people. It is so familiar to us a form that is associated exclusively with the purpose of the table, but it has nothing to do with a certain style or the nature of his chosen people.
Triangular table. Firstly, it’s beautiful. Secondly, a triangular table with the rest of the modesty of the situation (but appropriate finish!) Can easily transform a room in a dwelling-modern, in a sample of a futuristic style. For the dining table selection doubtful, if only in the house live two and they are not very welcome guests. But coffee or optional, as an accessory, this table will be an ornament and pride of the owners.
Tables unconventional , irregular, polygonal shapes. At first glance, the choice in favor of such tops look like a whim and desire to stand out from the total number. But if you look closely – not we already started working areas are ergonomically bent to make it convenient to put the keyboard, hands folded, given the right-hander or left-hander its owner? Why not play a game and with a table designed for eating?

On a note

The optimum diameter of the round table – 1.3-1.5 m, otherwise the sitting would be inconvenient to reach for dishes. For every rider overfill about 60 cm of the perimeter of the table, it is a comfortable space for meals and easy communication.
When choosing a kitchen table guided by the number of seats according to the formula “family + 2”. And the presence in the house of a small side table, where it will be possible to fuse the extra dishes or snacks exhibit, transform this number to at least another “+2”, it would be the desire to organize the event properly.
Materials such as solid wood, natural stone, glass, make a large dining table is very heavy, almost immovable. Because if you have a question of principle to easily and safely move the table out of the room into the room, it is better to pay attention to the lighter design from other sources.
Kitchen is best to choose a laminate coating, wood array or any other waterproof material: veneer and lacquer can not stand the test of continuous operation near water and hot dishes.
The table must fulfill their intended purpose, and not become an element of decor. However, if you rarely eat at home, but do not think the interior without thorough dining area with half a dozen chairs, tablecloth and other attributes … And all the same balance between the exotic freshness of novelty and functionality always converge in the most familiar to our eyes forms the table.

How to choose a computer desk?

Selecting computer desks – it is very responsible, because this piece of furniture requires many hours of daily operation for many years. Mismatched table can really poison the life of his master, giving him scoliosis, vision problems and even neurological disorders. If you are wondering “How to choose a computer desk?”, Then you are well aware of the importance of this purchase, and risks in your case is minimized. This article will help you to correctly choose a computer desk for yourself or your child.

How to choose a computer desk?

There are some rules for the selection of computer desks and small nuances that need to know and observe as much as possible. The first thing you should decide on the desired table setup place, and on this basis, and with the very kind of computer desk.

Table-rack is usually installed in small rooms where space is very limited. It is a three-tiered table with shelves for books, CDs, and so on. D. The table itself in such models is too compact, and for hours of use it is not suitable because of the too narrow countertops. Such tables are often put small children’s rooms.

Linear table – is a simple desk with a sufficiently large working area. Tables of this type are installed in the walls and may have a different width and depth of the tabletop. If you want to buy furniture cheaply, then this option – the most optimal.

Corner table is equipped with a wide top, but with all of this incredibly compact. Almost always, these tables are equipped with lots of extra shelves and drawers. If you need a compact model is better to give preference to a corner table, not the table-desk.

Rules of selection of computer desks

Now let’s talk about the quality of the table, and the convenience of its operation.

The height of a computer table should be within the range from 70 to 76 cm A great option -. Computer desk height 75 cm.

Comfortable depth worktop must be at least 80 cm, otherwise install a large modern monitor will be very problematic. While working with a computer monitor should be below eye level. The table also should not be too narrow, otherwise the feet will rest against a wall or partition, and work will be extremely uncomfortable for him.

The length of the table – it’s a matter of taste, but the longer it is, the more comfortable for them to work and the more useful things you can place on it.

Edge of the table should not be sharp. Ideally, it should be treated with plastic piping. This is especially important in a rule when you are buying a table for your child. Play it safe and choose a secure table. Apart from the risk to get scratches, well-crafted countertops edge ensures longer service life of the table, because the region – this is the place depreciable.

Shelf for the keyboard must be made ​​soundly and move on reliable roller guides. It is not so much work, how much to just make room on the table and turn it into a regular desk.

The material can also be varied. But if you choose a low-cost option – the perfect choice – laminated chipboard, laminated material but quickly will become worthless.

Easy. When choosing a computer desk, take themselves, or seated at him his child. It is important that while working at the desk hands were not suspended and did not hang out, otherwise they will be very tired. In the case of pull-out shelf, elbow and wrist should be parallel with the table surface. Also note the presence of various shelves and stands. Is there enough space for a printer or scanner? Equally important is the stand for the system unit, it must be well ventilated. Well, if it would be a sliding, it will make it easy to move the system unit, not applying to this particular effort.

That’s it, now you know how to wisely choose a computer desk, a good shopping!