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Super minimalist coffee table made of concrete

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Original fixtures of unexpected things

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2 paint cans, foam roller, 6 skeins of masking tape

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Hangers which do not fall

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Coffee table of car tires

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House recycled in West Sussex

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How to make furniture with your own hands

Finally, the owner tuned in to making furniture with their hands. Many at this stage there is a logical question:“Why do the most to make furniture when it can be bought at the nearest furniture store ?!” . There are a number of answers to this question:

  • The most obvious – it saves money. Making furniture with their hands, you will save at least half of the money that would be paid by purchasing furniture at the store. A furniture own will usually 3 or even 5 times cheaper! At the same time, without yielding quality.
  • Second, importantly, the furniture made with their own hands will be clean! You, as a master, choose the best material for its production, and will never allow the presence of toxic components in your product. On the money saved is better to add to your furniture more robust and environmentally friendly material. After all, health – more important than money.
  • You will be able to realize almost any, even the most unusual solution, which ideally fit into the interior of your house or apartment. It is so often the case, find an amazing piece of furniture in the store, it is like in the form of reasonableness location details, but does not fit on the colors in your room. What to do?Do not buy it the same …

We make sure that all the furniture you need to do yourself?

Then you ask: “Is it difficult and how to make furniture the hands?” .

In most cases, the production of furniture with his own hands – it is very easy and fun. But only if you know what, how and in what sequence is done.

The main problem faced by the furniture are new things – lack of easy-to-understand, concrete and unambiguous information on the topic. So, to move from“I want to make furniture,” to “I know all the details on how to make the” necessary detailed and visual instructions of experienced craftsmen. Alas, many professionals do not want to share the secrets and nuances of their work, keep them secret.

“Furniture Circle” is taken into account, and in the pages of our portal, we publish the most detailed instructions, drawings, charts, photo and video illustrations of all stages of the creation of the popular types of furniture.


To make furniture the hands do not need special equipment and tools. In fact, all that is needed, there is usually a niche in any economic man. So, e-drill and jigsaw would be enough to make the most “fancy” closet or computer desk. Still, as far as possible, be reserved by the hand router and belt sander.

On our portal we aim to apply the material in the simplest and most accessible form of presentation. We focus on people who are just beginning to engage in the furniture business at home, but even experienced craftsmen in our articles find many useful tips and nuances that help simplify and improve the production of furniture.

Furniture has a convenient structure of columns by which you can easily find all the information to create a certain piece of furniture. The most popular headings are now, with which you can find right now are:

  • Beds
  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • children’s furniture
  • Repair of furniture

How to make a reliable furniture, beautiful and economical

You still doubt it best: making furniture with his own hands or buy it? To decide, of course, you.

Our portal is in any case will be useful to you, as the knowledge of furniture production technology will insure you from buying low-quality and harmful furniture.

Nevertheless, we recommend to switch to our side – you will be proud of all the members of your family, a husband and a real master of the house.