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Japanese interior design in Sydney micro apartment

Японский организационный метод информирует макет Сиднейской микро квартиры Люси Уайлдсмит | Опубликовано 3 часа назад Оставить комментарий Австралийский архитектор Николас Герни использовал сделанные ...>>


Warm interior for family with 3 kids

Tessa is my mother approve and refined taste. The house she lives with her partner and their three young boys, she created a ...>>


Scandinavian style in Interior

Light, modern and minimalist, Scandinavian design is almost a buzz word in the last few years. With the advent of IKEA and antiques ...>>


The retro trends in 2016

Fusion of retro style and tropical trend, rétropical is the flagship autumn 2016. XXL movement palms,foliage and exotic birds, furniture rattan , accessories ...>>


Ideas for small bedrooms

  It is no secret that under the bedroom more often is given the smallest room of all available, plus a bed that ...>>


Old things in a modern interior

Do not rush to throw away anything from old furniture or interior – even if there are only a couple of boards.Below is ...>>


Flooring with color gradient

DIESEL LIVING Design Bureau in cooperation with the firm for the production of floor coverings “BERTI” presented a series of “Shadow”. The flooring ...>>


Yellow accents in the interior of modern apartment

Design Studio has developed Fimera interior small apartment in the Bulgarian seaside town of Lozenets. Small insert bright yellow despite its small size ...>>


Vertical gardening; Main advantages and benefits with photos

Vertical gardens, or how else they are called “green wall” looks original and unusual – this no one would argue. But, apart from ...>>


Office Interior designers – noblesse oblige

The saying about the fact that “the shoemaker goes without boots” in areas such as interior design absolutely does not work: because of ...>>


Mobile walls allow you to instantly change the layout

On our blog we often write about the modular furniture and various interesting piece of furniture, made in the form of Transformers. Mexican ...>>


Japanese motifs in interior design. 10 examples with photos

Even if you’re not big fans of Japanese-style and way of life – some elements of design can bring to your interior grain ...>>


Retractable elements; solution for saving space in the Micro-Suites

The interior of one of the mini-hotel for permanent residence in Amsterdam. The main space saving is achieved through the use of non-standard ...>>


Nordic echoes in your kitchen

Scandinavian style interior design involves the traditions of countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Scandinavian style reflects the simultaneous simplicity and versatility. ...>>


Two-tone interior in moskvovskom townhouse

The St. Petersburg architectural INT2 Office developed the interiors for multi-level townhouse near the Klyazma. In the design of all rooms used technique ...>>

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How tochoose your style interior: 10 tricks and tips

Everyone who ever ready to deal with major repairs and furnishings of his apartment, faced with a difficult choice. Modern or classic? Monochrome or slender diversity?Embeddedness and ergonomics – or a house-full cup, which will be a place for the entire line of furniture products? Yes, choose your own style is extremely difficult.

And particularly relevant question becomes, what do we do in the selection process? Blindly follow fashion if if looking for something truly their own, individual. Here are a dozen of exercises that will help you describe the ideal image of the future of the interior, which will be in harmony style and personality.

Walk around the house

Try to ignore and to hear the story, which tells your apartment right now. Who is this stranger, that every day wake up, back, spending time in the house? Highlight the things that you can not wait to leave: the old kitchen table, the wallpaper in the hallway, chairs that were you to the company the past few years.Likewise highlight moments, dear heart. You may really like a huge old wardrobe, a bed and  a bedside table , a stool and floor lamp. They will be the core of the future stylistic updated apartments. And the things that you could own hands wear out or update, can be turned into a work of art, giving the furniture a new life. 
This method will help to see with fresh eyes, you really would prefer to do with decoration. Change the wallpaper on the plaster with transparent lacquer, old parquet – with a modern laminate flooring . Or leave it as it was, but think carefully about the decor.

Inspect all the details

Many memorabilia are now having the status of deposits in the attic can be used as decorations. Old family photographs (and 12 ways to place them in the interior), postcards, reproductions, which will play well, we need only to put them in a frame under glass. Ruthlessly asks each small things and easily get rid of unnecessary junk. The meaning of the collections is only when the collection volumes, albums and records have someone to admire.

Draw inspiration from the outside

Close your eyes and think of a place where you would like to return. This may be a foreign city, hospitable home friends, happy teenage years. Geographical point (eg, warm memories of Spain ) or the length of time – and the associated memories – to help you decide what to you is the word "comfort." Flavors, textures, furniture … Any particular item fits into the existing interior style. And that it might make sense to recreate in their own territory.

Turn a hobby into a style

Athletes and book lovers, film fans and cooks! Attributes of your passion will help to create an ideal platform to showcase their passions! And  home library , and stand with the award-winning, beautifully designed and with the help of pictures and photos of the wall can claim the title of the main highlights of your house style.
5. Feel free to dream

Visualization of a dream home – advice on the level of banal gloss. However, should allow yourself to dream up on their dream home, it does not focus on a budget. This will help to identify the key points to be repaired. Large windows, a modern kitchen with a full range of professional equipment, a luxurious four-poster bed, fireplace or imitation – almost everything can be reduced in scale and cost, and to implement in real life.

Сollect pictures

Collect your favorite interiors in a separate folder on your computer, ruthlessly pluck from the pages of magazines. Sooner or later it will be possible to sit down and analyze the accumulated image. Colour?Composition? What details are a red thread through all the saved pictures? If you are not averse to analyze their own impulses, this method is perfect for you.

Do not get hung up on uniformity

Believe me, this is perfectly normal when you enjoy multiple styles. Purism in creating your own interior (even with his own hands) – the hard way. Relax and allow yourself to love the variety. In the end, eclecticlooks not only effectively and safely, but also creates a real home comfort.

Find tranquility sources

What are the things in life that make you smile, feel safe? Maybe you love to sleep, covered his head. So, you need a large bed and a huge blanket. Or do you like the twilight, and hence no heavy curtains can not do. Turn these associations in the tool of choice of style.

Spend more time away

Picture it and have a picture. But the real incarnation as nothing else close all the questions on a particular style. No one calls you a blueprint to take other people’s interiors, just try to make a couple of conclusions. Be more careful, perhaps someone at home you cozy and well, not because the owners to choose the right pillow for the couch . And because here it smells fresh pastries and windows overlooking the sunny side. Focus on your wardrobe — Even if you hate shopping, and strive to create a capsule wardrobe, or even buy things on the residual principle, preferences in clothing can be used as a starting point to find the style of the interior. House just will reflect your true essence. Why do you sustained in beige apartment if in the closet three dozen bright dresses? Try to answer the question that maybe you’re trying to pass himself off as someone else?In short, let your imagination run wild, be honest and be prepared to fall in love! Then it turns out the interior of the real and personal, comfortable and stylish, and you’ll feel at home here – the house. And this, ultimately, is our main goal.