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Ideas for small bedrooms

Date: October 5th, 2016


It is no secret that under the bedroom more often is given the smallest room of all available, plus a bed that takes up almost all the space – as a result we have very little remaining space. Below is a selection of interesting ideas and solutions, how to get out with honor in this situation.

modern bedroom, with photo examples

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Who says that the bedroom should be large? On the contrary, we believe that small bedrooms can be more practical, comfortable and effective than large, which tend to invite confusion. It trimmed modestly sized bedrooms much much more restful than the one that is very large. Think about the animal’s den, which is safety and peace. Do you have a small bedroom and you are having trouble figuring out how to present it?Here are some suggestions:
. 1) Furnish a minimum, but specifically
in the above photo, the architect decided to give a small bedroom with a multi-functional concept of the wall.The wall acts as a headboard, bookcase and storage space and room divider. She carries a small changing area.
Here, the owners have used a little room in the foot of the bed storage locker, which can accommodate shoes and clothing, as well as act as a space for books stack.
Apartment, Primrose Hill, North London
Photo Mia Karlsson Design interior – Look at pictures of industrial bedroom
2) use the built-in modules.
built-ins can save the day in a confined space. Below, a built-in acts as a headboard, storage space, and even the table if necessary.
Photo Malcolm Davis Architecture – Discover the Scandinavian design bedroom inspiration
And below, a long, low, built into the console acts as a storage space for clothes, not using many areas.
Seattle Houseboat
Photos houses the earth’s surface – Discover modern design inspiration bedroom
3) go to the streamlined cabinets.
If your small bedroom has a fitted wardrobe, very easy to go to any free-standing cabinet or closet systems that you add. Simple, white, enameled cabinet below cheesy and actually gives the room a feeling of spaciousness. The fact that the doors do not have the hardware also helps.
Master Bedroom
Photo Optimize Design – More modern bedroom ideas
5. Avoid mirrors, if you are not very careful.
Traditional Bedroom
Photos – Search traditional painting bedrooms
Most designers will tell you that the addition of mirrors can make any room appear larger. But the addition of mirrors in the room can be a double-edged. If the room is very tight, or not available in the color, pattern, or disorder, mirrors can also make it feel even more busy and not very relaxing. We believe that the best way to keep the room light, bright, white, simple and no frills. You can never go wrong, and you will find you get a good night’s sleep really!


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