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The Minimal Floating Monitor Workspace

Redditor zbeegniev just finished updating his workspace, and the results look pretty sharp. It’s clean, that monitor is well mounted to the wall, ...>>


10 Samples of Stylish IKEA Hacks

There comes a point in every blogger’s career where they must take their turn featuring an array of IKEA hacks that have impressed ...>>


2017 Wallpaper Trends You Need in Your Home

Wallpaper is essentially every interior designer’s favorite décor item. The reason being wallpaper is extremely versatile. It comes in multiple different colors, shapes, ...>>


Japanese interior design in Sydney micro apartment

Японский организационный метод информирует макет Сиднейской микро квартиры Люси Уайлдсмит | Опубликовано 3 часа назад Оставить комментарий Австралийский архитектор Николас Герни использовал сделанные ...>>



Although I love the industrial style as a whole, I must admit that it is in the kitchen that I prefer it. Today, ...>>


Small kitchen Ideas for Inspiration

35 IDEAS TO ORGANIZE A SMALL KITCHEN The surface of the housing being what it is these days in the city, it is ...>>


Some Great Samples of Wood Work

Loom-Like Seats: Single cord Lounge Single CORD Lounge. We had a couple of chairs, like it when … 12.6kekonomit TrendHunter Saved by trendhunter ...>>


Warm interior for family with 3 kids

Tessa is my mother approve and refined taste. The house she lives with her partner and their three young boys, she created a ...>>


Scandinavian style in Interior

Light, modern and minimalist, Scandinavian design is almost a buzz word in the last few years. With the advent of IKEA and antiques ...>>


The retro trends in 2016

Fusion of retro style and tropical trend, rétropical is the flagship autumn 2016. XXL movement palms,foliage and exotic birds, furniture rattan , accessories ...>>


Sinks for bathroom photo collection of interesting samples

 If you have a good sink in the bathroom, consider that 80% of the interior is ready – because This is the first ...>>


Ideas for small bedrooms

  It is no secret that under the bedroom more often is given the smallest room of all available, plus a bed that ...>>


Photo collection of bookends

Harry Potter Hogwarts Express Bookends: How great! These bookends hand painted in great detail. The idea is pretty smart too, creating the illusion ...>>


Tiles for the bathroom; interesting examples with photos

We can confidently say that the bathroom is one of the most unusual places in the house: it is only where we come ...>>


Designer Emanuel Gonzales Guzman and his beautiful works

Designer with Vivid name Emmanuel Gonzalez Guzman makes an interesting furniture, lamps and other items for the interior. For example with elastic bands ...>>