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Kitchen room to prepare food.
Kitchen in modern homes, as a rule, combined with the dining room . It characterized by the presence of places for food storage and kitchen accessories (cabinets for storage of products at a lower temperature – a refrigerator ); as places for primary, subsequent treatments ( washing , tables) and heat treatment products ( stove , oven , microwave oven ), places for serving and cooling of the finished dishes.

What is better to choose the kitchen? Great tips for a great purchase!

Kitchen is fundamentally different from all the other rooms in the house – it’s functional area, “hot shop”, which is especially important comfort and ergonomics. The best dishes combine beauty with comfort and functionality, meeting all the requirements, and the atmosphere of the room.

The best materials for the kitchen

We are not in vain mentioned basic components of an ideal kitchen – if in the bedroom or living room furniture selection is up to the owners tastes, with the purchase of kitchen units should be considered and practicality. Not all materials are suitable for the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Some simply can not withstand high humidity and temperature changes, the other – are afraid of exposure to vapor, and others – require special care complex. Therefore, be sure to ask before buying, from which the body is made of furniture, as well as its facade and worktop, and what kind of hardware is used. What material is best for the kitchen? Let us examine this point in more detail.


Facade – the person food, it defines her style. The variety of materials used for the manufacture of kitchen fronts, enormous. They are made of solid wood, laminated chipboard, MDF, film-coated or enamel, there are elevations based on aluminum profile frame and facades decorated with plastic or glass. What are the facades is better to choose for the kitchen? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Solid wood . The most traditional, expensive and prestigious material for kitchen fronts. He looks solid and creates a respectable atmosphere. Natural wood – it is a classic that never goes out of fashion. With proper care, these facades do not lose their beauty for decades – perhaps that can slightly change color when exposed to direct sunlight. But the tree requires careful handling. For the cleaning of kitchens not use harsh chemicals and abrasives, they can only be cleaned with a soft cloth. In addition, the tree is not the plastic material, and to create with the help of the facades with curved, wavy lines is very difficult, which in turn determines the classic style kitchens made ​​of natural wood.

MDF. It is enough common material for kitchen fronts. As mentioned above, according to its characteristics it is almost as good as a tree, with the price of MDF is much more accessible. Facades of MDF allow embody any design ideas. MDF is easy to bend, which allows you to create unusual curved facades. This material allows the use of various types of coatings – MDF can be painted, cover the PVC film or plastic of any color and texture. Painted MDF plate looks better than coated with PVC film, but it is more expensive. More available film also has drawbacks – the coating may peel off with time, especially in those places where it is exposed to intense heat and moisture – for example, over or around the sink plate. Plastic – the most durable and rugged option, easy to care for them (with the exception of matte plastic variety, which is not so easy to clean from contamination).

Frame facades made ​​of MDF-profiles are also used very often. The frame is finished with PVC film or in exclusive models of kitchens, wood veneer. In the framework facades can be inserted stained or frosted glass, plastic, cloth woven rattan. These facades have earned the love of buyers, first of all, thanks to a wide choice of design.


Countertops typically experience the most severe load during operation, is constantly exposed to chemical and mechanical stress. Therefore, when selecting a material for countertops cornerstone should put practicality.

Natural stone. The most noble material – natural stone, such as granite or marble. It is very beautiful, looks respectable, is practically eternal. But it has its own characteristics – natural stone is fragile and bumps on it may form chips, in addition, over time, the stone with frequent contact with food can change color, it is especially important for light shades of stone. But the artificial stone does not have these disadvantages.Artificial stone – a slab of rock dust and environmentally friendly resins. In appearance it is no different from a natural material, but is much more durable and resistant to both mechanical damage and to aggressive detergents.

Steel. The steel countertop around half the price of the stone. They are great for kitchens in high-tech style.Steel countertops are easy to wash and clean, they are very strong and are not afraid of no water, no fire.

Laminate. Laminate countertops are much more accessible stone and metal, and thus practicality is almost not inferior to them. Modern laminates differ a great choice of colors, they are easy to clean and can withstand high temperatures. But this only applies to quality films – cheap and kind of lose warp very quickly.

Natural wood. Very beautiful wooden table top – they create a warm atmosphere in the kitchen, but require care. Table tops made ​​of natural wood must be regularly treated with special oils, thus creating a water-repellent film.

Accessories – a small, but quite noticeable and important part of the kitchen look. Sometimes the simple replacement handles completely transforms the kitchen interior. Like all parts of kitchen units, the handles should be both beautiful and comfortable. The most comfortable form of handles – U-shape. Handles in the form of buttons are very good in the “village” interiors and kitchens in the style of “Provence”, but they are not as convenient as pens, staples. In recent years, many cupboards in contemporary style made entirely without handles – all hardware is hidden inside and the doors are opened by lightly pressing on the surface.

The best grade of kitchen units

What food is better? It depends on your needs. Do you love to cook and arrange a home-cooking for friends?Choose a kitchen set with plenty of work surfaces and cabinets. If you plan to just make coffee in the morning and invite friends to a cocktail party in the evening, plenty of tables you to anything, but it will require a bar, a place for storing glasses and a table for serving snacks.

Every kitchen is divided into three main zones: a zone of cooking and washing zone and storage zone. To be comfortable kitchen, it should be designed on the basis of a triangle connecting these zones. It is desirable that the total distance between the points should not exceed 6 meters. The ideal distance between them – 90-100 cm.

Well, if all working surfaces form a single line, but if the size of the kitchen does not allow to organize it in such a way that the gap should be there, where it ends one of the operations. For small kitchens wise to straight or L-shaped layout, large rooms can be arranged U-shaped kitchen with plenty of work surfaces.

Compact kitchens dictate more stringent planning requirements. For maximum comfort, choose cabinets with sliding doors and try to rationally use every centimeter of space. For example, in the gap between the desktop and a refrigerator can be placed a narrow pull-out rack for bottles. In the spacious kitchen you can buy furniture with drawers and hinged cabinets.

Best Interiors Kitchen

So far we have talked mainly about functionality, but the appearance of the kitchen is also very important – according to the Russian tradition, it is the kitchen is the center of the house, a place where every day the whole family. This room is often replaced or combined with a dining room, where guests often take note and even family celebrations. The kitchen can be made in any style, from classic to hi-tech – most importantly, to fit the character of the owners and the general atmosphere of the house.

Classic style – the choice for large kitchens in solid houses. Classic requires space, high ceilings, light and air. In a small dark kitchen classic style will create a depressing mood. Classic – a natural wood, bronze or brass fittings, paneled facades, straight lines and natural tones.

Nouveau – a very popular style, it is diverse and flexible. A distinctive feature of modernity – the simplicity of lines and the rigor of the limited palette – typically two contrasting, but restrained tone. This interior can be infinitely expressive complement different items, playing on contrasts or adhering to the main lines of the design.

Hi-Tech is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and austerity, it is inspired by dreams of future space – these dishes resemble spaceships cockpit of a science fiction movie. To create a high-tech kitchens are used appropriate materials – the glossy plastic, steel, glass. Colors tend to be discreet – white, gray, light blue, black. This style is very effective, but it also has drawbacks – high-tech demands of the order and “not friendly” with excessive accessories.

Rustic style – the exact opposite of the hi-tech. Warmth, comfort, a little creative disorder, handmade and vintage trinkets, charming rural simplicity – these are its main features. To create a “farm house” effect, choose a light wood furniture – a natural pattern or painted white. Ceramic, wood or brass fittings, bright tablecloths, woven baskets, bundles of dried herbs and ancient pottery complement the interior.

And what about color solutions? And psychologists and designers agree that the color has a huge impact on our mood and even health. It is proved that the red and orange colors increase appetite, while blue and green make us eat less. Soft shades of green – pistachio and mint – a beneficial effect on digestion and soothe. Cold brown, dull black and dark gray – the most inappropriate color for the kitchen, they unconsciously oppressed.

In large kitchens it is not necessary to use a cool tone – otherwise the room will seem too cold and remind the hospital catering department, but not the heart of the house. Dark colors visually reduce the room, so they are good for large kitchens and are contraindicated for children. Where to go out of your kitchen window? Lighting also affects the choice of colors – if the room is dark, it is necessary to give preference to the warm and bright colors – beige, peach, yellow, orange and sandy. The bright kitchens look good pastel shades and white with bright accents.