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Guide: How to choose a sofa that will last a long time

Sofas – one of the main and the most expensive types of furniture. This multi-functional piece of furniture, which accounts for a serious load. The Village has decided to learn from the experts how to choose sofa. Questions answered by Oksana Fedorova, co-owner and director of online sales and shop furniture manufacturer  HomeMe .

What to look for when choosing a sofa

The first look at the quality of tailoring and refined, from which made the frame and filler. You can not see what is hidden under the steering wheel, so that the quality of the seams will tell about the general level of product quality. If they are inaccurate, the quality control in the manufacture of lame, and hence the inside of the sofa is poor.

Be sure to ask the seller, which is made from the sofa frame. There are three basic types of skeletons: Particleboard (compressed sawdust), plywood (glued layers of wood) and metal frame. Frames are made entirely out of particle board, it is very unreliable, since this material is intended for use in lightly loaded structures. It is better to add 2-3 thousand and buy a sofa with plywood frame or metal frame. The filler should be made of polyurethane foam of density not less than 25, or the spring assembly. It is necessary to avoid cheap low-density foam that gives way in 2 weeks and will not be subject to recovery.

Fabric advise to choose to your taste and pay attention only to its thickness. Too thin padding – another way to save. Most likely, she quickly stretched and no longer keep the shape. And the last – is the quality of the mechanism of transformation, when it comes to a sofa bed. All the mechanisms must be made of a metal thickness of not less than three millimeters, have a high quality color and connecting elements. If the mechanism is carelessly painted likely production level where it is made, and does not have the highest risk of fracture.

How to choose a sofa, on the basis of the size of the room

The main criterion for the selection of sofas based on the size of the room – it is likely the sofa configuration and its location. If there is a free angle, the sofa perfectly fill the space and will not take precious space in the center of the room. If the area quite a bit, it is best to choose a straight two- or three-bed sofa. For small apartments is now a lot of compact sofas width of two meters, thus transforming into a full double bed. This decision, as shown by the sale of the most loved by buyers of small apartments.

Is it necessary to require a guarantee and for how long

The warranty on soft GOST furniture is 18 months, and accordingly, each manufacturer is obliged to provide a minimum of one and a half year warranty. The main question is how the seller will fulfill their warranty obligations. If you buy from an intermediary, it is likely, in the event of problems with the quality you will be sent to the manufacturer and will begin hassle. Make sure the seller has a service department in the event of a complaint, you will be dealing with it, not with the manufacturer.

Complaints of upholstered furniture – this is, unfortunately, a common occurrence, as the sofas production – mostly manual labor and advanced technology this area is almost not affected. The main thing is that the seller is responsible and conscientious attitude to troubleshooting.

How much should cost a good sofa

Medium in size, not leather corner sofa beds we have is from 20 to 40 thousand rubles.I believe that this price range is currently the best for price / quality ratio. It can meet the company to ensure a proper level of service and product quality. Direct sofa bed will cost about the same as when folding sofa straight – like corner – forms a full bed, and their production are talking about the same amount of materials. I would not advise to buy the cheapest sofas (in comparison with similar products from well-known manufacturers) at unknown sites: most likely, the sofa when resemblance has a low level of build quality and materials and breaks down very quickly. React to your treatment will be nobody, because you will be redirected to the manufacturer of the products or, even worse, just will delay the process in the hope that you will get tired of it quickly.

In general, the market sofas arranged very uncomplicated. Large manufacturers, design offices and have good specialists, invent new models of high-quality sofas, invest in promotion model. If the model proves popular, the hundreds of small and medium-sized manufacturers are beginning to rip the sofa, affordable for him at the expense of the quality framework, filler and upholstery, offering it to the buyer at a lower price. Of course, if the budget for the purchase of furniture strictly limited, it is likely, it is a good solution, but if you can add 10-20%, I recommend buying all the same high quality furniture, this is not a T-shirt and a hammer, and a complex product, Exposure to high loads, where you spend a third of your life (for those who use to sleep).

Where to find the sofa: in the online or offline stores

If you are looking for something specific, online shopping is best suited: it is possible to quickly find the right model for a certain price. In conventional stores it is harder to do, because due to expensive rent in the halls just put
5-10% range. As a result, sales are on the picture from the catalog or from the words of the seller. In the online store does not need prepayment. If our customers goods came, we offer the customer the opportunity to give it up for delivery without giving a reason. Special responsibility can be previewed on the furniture in the showroom. If the buyer has no particular preferences and he wants to learn the pricing and quality products, it is better to go to the furniture centers, where in one place the products of all leading manufacturers. You can get acquainted with the quality of products, ask the price and see who and what it represents.

What marketing tricks do not buy

The most common trick is superprivlekatelnaya price on the couch, which is not available. But more about that buyers know just coming to the store. Such actions attract interested buyers into showrooms, and then bet on vendors who need to redirect people to other items on the regular price.