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Kids Room and Children’s furniture


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We offer you stylish, modern baby furniture from the most famous domestic and foreign manufacturers. Now you do not need to learn a range of all shops of the city in search of the perfect child, because almost all manufacturers of children’s furniture sets are presented in our online store.

Furniture, which you will find in our catalog, different number of advantages:

  • It is made of safe, environmentally friendly materials.
  • It has all the necessary certificates.
  • It developed the world’s leading designers, in terms of ergonomics and functionality.
  • It meets the needs of children, has numerous accessories that will make the life of the inhabitants of the small child more comfortable.

In our assortment includes products for more than twenty brands of furniture, specializing in the production of items of furniture for children’s rooms of different ages.


Current models of furniture for children’s rooms provide numerous additional functions, taking into account the progress in technology and greater demands the children themselves and their parents.

The ultra futuristic design impress kids and laconic lines of furniture will help to focus on the games and development. In order for children to date and the room was modern, it is better to give preference to furniture configurations of the last generation that will not soon be obsolete and will be slightly ahead of the interior trends.


If you want to find the perfect design children’s rooms, then pay attention to our online store.

  • We offer an excellent range of products from leading furniture factories in Europe and Russia in different styles and price range.
  • Convenient payment options selected products.
  • Fast delivery to your home.
  • Warranty that we undertake.
  • The ability to choose your own or professional assembly.
  • Consulting an interior designer, which renders in the layout that will look like your children’s room with a view of the selected configuration items and furniture series.

With the help of the information posted on the website, you can get a complete picture of the quality characteristics, arrange a visit to our showroom or just arrange their favorite model for home delivery.


The main differences from the room teen room designed for adults, can be summarized as follows:

  • the absence of “superfluous” objects, minimalism;
  • a reflection of the individuality of the owner of the room;
  • bright colors;
  • easy-to-replace materials

Naturally, in the arrangement of the room for a teenager the last word must always remain with the teenager. Parents can only recommend to insist on specific, fundamental for their detail, but not in the style of the room in general.


It would be desirable to clean the room all unnecessary, any teenager enjoys a lot of things every day, and these things somewhere should be located. In order not to turn into a banal minimalism mess when things scattered anywhere, you need to buy furniture for a teenager – one that will not cause his protest will coincide with the stylistics of the room and at the same time will be enough bulk to accommodate everything you need.

As an “extra”, without which you can do, usually act carpets (teenager – not a child, not quite able to freeze, even if sit or lie down on the floor) and curtains. Instead of carpets offer small round rugs with deep pile of unusual colors or mat instead of curtains – blinds that do not bother to paint the inside as they like.


Do not interfere with the teenager in full force to show their individuality in the design of the room design.Playing the guitar and wants to seal the wall with posters of famous guitarists – well, playing sports and wants to equip the sports corner – excellent, calls himself a goth, and does not represent other wallpaper but grim black – so let him try to live.

In the end, wallpaper is easy to re-stick, wardrobe – to restore or replace, but to maintain a good relationship with a teenager – is much more difficult.


What specific color palette will be used – he decides teenager, parents also need to see to it that the room did not look clumsy and furniture, which will be bought, can be used when changing the interior. Ideally furniture teen room must be maintained at a more or less typical of the furniture is not “acid” or trendy (bright pink, for example) colors. Let the bright wallpaper will – replace them easiest when tastes and priorities shift.


Since the interests and tastes are changing rapidly teenager, the most “long-playing”, high-quality and expensive furniture in the room will be.

Wallpaper is almost certainly in a year, or even earlier, want to change, so you can buy the cheapest or, alternatively, take the wallpaper suitable for painting, and if you want to change the situation simply paint them a different color.

Various carpets, mats, cushion chairs and similar design elements should be beautiful, pleasant to the touch, but not too expensive, since at the next change of design they will not need them.