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A variety of design supports for the iPad; 12 examples with photos

Date: November 20th, 2015

When we started our blog posts, most of the computer tables for the larger desktop computers with heavy base units and monitors. Then the focus shifted to the ultra-light laptop tables. Now people do not have even that – with the massive proliferation of tablets – all you need is a small stand that will hold the tablet in a comfortable position. But if the little thing – it does not mean that it can not be beautiful and original interior decoration. We publish below a selection of original and elegant stands for tablets, different models, simple and complex in the style of hi-tech and, on the contrary, classic wooden:

Wooden Stand for Ipad

Easy and elegant mount for tabletStand for tablet-style minimalismConvenient Aluminum Stand for iPad in high-tech style

Simple and original Stand for iPadConvenient stand AyppedaFolding Stand for Tablet

Desktop Stand for TabletSimple Stand for TabletSuper minimalist stand for a tablet cardboard

Folding stand for a tablet of woodStand for TabletAttachment to the table - the holder for Tablet PC


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