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Discreet charm of concrete

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Storage of vegetables in a modern kitchen

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live pictures

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Sleeping bag

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Open the door and enter the Aura

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Original cutting boards. Top 15

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Оригинальный коврик

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Curtains and drapes. A bit of fresh ideas

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Mini fireplaces

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The battery, which you can sit

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Fresh design ideas from Les M

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Carpet tiles

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Small storage items

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Beautiful ceramics

Clay is probably one of the first materials that the person has learned to handle, however, in the capable hands of the ceramics ...>>


Alternative Christmas tree

It’s great for the new year to bring home a fresh, fragrant Christmas tree with frost … So, this post is for those ...>>

Decor and home furnishings

Decor – this is the winning elements and accents that designers use to decorate or to completely transform the interior, giving it the necessary notes of comfort and uniqueness. Decorative elements are the important components that form the basic style of the home. These primarily include: color wall decoration, skillfully selected furniture and original lighting design. In the case of a harmonious combination turns a new stylistic image of office space or apartment.

Decorative interior elements have universal ability to skillfully and quickly change the surrounding space – the former situation revives and familiar atmosphere stylized for you according to the chosen direction. You do not need to contrive repairs and carry out global changes, it is necessary to add only a few successful strokes. It will help to choose necessary and as important components of modern design decoration store DG HOME, where you can find absolutely everything.

Original design elements of decor

The range includes not only the decoration for the home, but also elements for office decor . These stylish jewelry made by leading European and American designers, they take into account the most current fashion trends in design. With their help, you can decorate not only housing, but also a restaurant, and even a hotel. They are made of durable materials that are easy to hygienic processing and look presentable – is an elegant porcelain, durable plastic and, of course, well-kept metal. The decor is available as a desktop and wall decorations and the hottest – floor.

In the store you will find a range of special decorations, ranging from expertly produced decorative branches, bright balloons and naturally made of artificial flowers to super fruits that are decorated with gold-plated. Very popular are metal sculptures and exquisite porcelain figurines , designer globes and original coasters ornaments and many other accessories.

With the help of accessories and decorative elements can make a home unique, choosing, for example, in style: a beautiful picture, poof, pots , pillows with original prints , vases , unusual clocks, and more. All this is possible today to buy in the online store of furniture and decor DG HOME at an affordable price.Sure, pick up decorations and decorate your own home – it’s quite complex, but feasible task. You yourself are involved in the creative process of decorating, and thanks to their own taste and our unique products can turn out stunning beauty of the result.

If you prefer a professional approach, it is possible to order the services of a decorator, which guarantees the perfect solution for each particular room on our website.

Decor accessories give the interior of your home individuality and finished look. Vases, clocks, decorative figurines, paintings and frames, candles and candlesticks … Without all this unthinkable a stylish and modern interior. In our online shop offers a varied selection of furniture items and interior. To fill the void walls and give your home to help the artistic atmosphere in the paintings of Fine frames, create a romantic atmosphere – candles in candlesticks stylish, filled with cozy house dimensional ticking – clock to decorate a shelf – decorative figurine. . Those are the little things that make up the character of your home, its originality and comfort
Shop decoration items only offers quality products known manufacturers – eco-friendly, stylish, elegant and concise. Our range is constantly expanding, there are attractive discounts.
Online store items of decor – excellent output if you have little time and you have no time to go shopping. Without leaving home, you can order products from the catalog, and if its in stock for 2 days you will deliver it directly to the house. Buy decor items in our online store and you will save time and money.
And, of course, we present expanse for those seeking gifts. Is not it nice to receive as a present a sweet little thing that will remind you of your loved one? Figurines in the form of cats, home comfort character, traditional pig-piggy bank decorated with funny ornaments, wall clock, thermometer, something reminiscent of the style of the street, graceful butylochnitsy, magazine racks in a retro style, a variety of boxes, stands for jewelry, sets the candle . Why are there only!
Welcome to our online store for the wonderful gifts and objects of decoration!