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Cat’s house

Date: March 3rd, 2016

Houses for pets

Hello! We Vitaly and Dima, and we have been manufacturing furniture for pets. We would like to get to the pages of your blog

A brief history about us:

We came to this idea spontaneously, Acne has been designing sites, and I have a small workshop with his wife home decor. We wanted to invent and produce unusual and cool the product with their own hands, organize the process from beginning to end, we are all close to the interior design, but still we have a cat, which we very much like, well, who does not like seals? 🙂 At some of the summer evenings, Acne sight, and shared the idea of making a home for pets, and appeared Pethouse. Next was inquisitive design development, construction documentation and a plan of action.

Author's furniture for cats and dogs

Now we are in the active stage of brand development, prototyping, form a line of appearance products (paint color and fabric options) and prepare the ground for mass production.

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